Posted by: angelnorman | September 26, 2008

Because no one is reading anyways and I’m bored.

1) Answer the questions and type into Google image search
2) Post a picture from first results page

• the age you will be on your next birthday

•a place you’d like to visit

•one of your favorite places

•your favorite object

•your favorite animal

•your favorite color

•name of a past pet


•where you live

•2nd grade teacher’s last name


•a bad habit of yours

•your favorite holiday

•your favorite food

•your favorite drink

•your hobby



  1. I read it. LOLOLOL

  2. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Why did the one in he middle not work?

  4. hahaha..I don’t know!

    I love that pic of the salad..YUM…is it from Mona’s? LOL I’ve been craving that place here lately..wanna go some night when I get back?

  5. i’m reading, just a little behind. cute! love the puppy pic!

  6. Thank you for reading my silly posts, Charlene 😉

    Jen: it’s from Cracker Barrel, actually. I didn’t just type in “salad” to Google Images, I typed in “Cracker Barrel Salad with Ranch Dressing”. 🙂 I’m very specific.

    And when I get money to be able to afford Mona’s, sure I’ll go 🙂

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