Posted by: angelnorman | September 27, 2008

Birthdays should be happy

My sweet Granny.

Dear Granny,

This morning I would have woken up bright and early and driven to East Nashville to visit you. I would have made you breakfast for once– eggs, toast, bacon, gravy and biscuits. All our favorite things. You would have percolated us some coffee, and we would have spent the morning talking about how nothing good is ever on tv anymore or about how the economy crisis was hurting us personally. After breakfast, we would have went and sat on your patio, drinking your sugary sweet iced tea and laughing and cutting up with one another. We would have probably used the time to also water your ferns and sweep your patio while I told you about my week. But eventually we’d just be sitting there, watching the cars go down the street and talking about your neighbors and their terrible taste in lawn care or shutter colors.

I’d bring a camera and I’d take 300 or so pictures of you, just because, and you would not like any of them; you would laugh at me and my photo-snapping anyways and I’d get lots of good pictures of you in the process.

We’d have our picture made together. Then we’d go shopping at the Dollar General Store, and then probably to K-Mart. And afterwards we’d have a late lunch of KFC or maybe Krystal, depending on whether or not we wanted chicken or hamburgers. And you’d have for us one of your infamously dark fudge pies, and we’d sit and eat a whole half a pie and not feel an ounce of guilt. Then we’d go and paint pottery, because I didn’t know that was a hobby you and I shared until after you had passed away. I’m sad we never got to do it.

I would bring you home with me to stay the night, and you would delight in Nicholas and his story-telling. You would listen to his every word and laugh at his silliness. He’d show you his latest dance moves, tell you all about his infinite love for Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive or “Batman and Jokerman”, and talk to you about the things he’s learned in school. You’d probably tell him about how I was a good student, and he’d get bored, but then I’d ask to hear more about what you remember of me personally.

Then we’d have a nice dinner- probably a roast with green beans and creamed potatoes- and homemade birthday cake, probably a butter cake with chocolate icing. We’d talk about my plans to paint every room in this house and which colors would be best, and then we’d have coffee and chat the night away.

Today would have been your 89th birthday. It should be a happy thing, but it just feels really sad to me. You wouldn’t want it to be sad, I know. So today I’m going to try to make it happy. Instead of pressing on and trying to forget that today would have been your birthday, I’m going to celebrate in the best way I know how. Though your home in East Nashville now belongs to someone else, I’m coming to bring you flowers. We’ll talk, and I’ll introduce you to Nick, and we’ll have a lovely day exploring the area where you once lived. We’ll even have cake.

I love you and miss you. Happy birthday, Granny-Mom.

Always yours,

Pictures of Granny’s birthday celebration will be online later.



  1. i loved this post…it made me want to meet her.

  2. You would have loved her. She was a democrat 🙂 But seriously, she was funny. She didn’t understand the world and she’d make a point to question it a lot. She adored costume jewelry (that’s where I get it, I guess), and she wore the coolet polyester shirts sometimes. And because she’d be able to tell that you love me, she would have loved you, too. ❤

  3. this made me cry…i lost it at watering the ferns because i use to help her do that and also because i would have been there with you to do all of those other things with her… i miss her so much, she was awesome

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