Posted by: angelnorman | September 28, 2008

My snobbery shining through, or maybe not

Wanna know a secret about me?

Okay, it’s not much of a secret, but I’m sure not everyone knows this about me so here goes.

I’m somewhat of a snob.

I am particularly a snob when it comes to Halloween and birthday parties apparently. This is bothersome to me now, hence the blogging, because both celebrations are on the horizons and thusly are hot topics around the Norman household these days. Sometimes before bed, Nicholas asks if we can talk one more time and almost always, he wants to talk about his 4th birthday party. Every time we discuss it, it’s a different theme. In the past three weeks, he has said he wanted a Power Rangers, Batman, and Transformers birthday party. When reminded that he had just said he wanted one of the other parties a day or two before, he’d say, “But not anymore. Now I want Batman.”

This is where my snobbery comes into play. I am very much against character-driven things. Now, for your kid, it’s fine. Heck, I will probably even gush about how much I love it. For your kid. But not for mine.

And it’s not as though I am against my child watching these shows or playing with their coordinating action figures. I just really think that character-driven birthday parties most of the time limit us on what we can do with them. Let’s take for instance a Batman party. So I get some Batman themed stuff and maybe a pinata and that’s about it. It’s no frills, which for me, translates to no thrills. Compare this to my Blue’s Clues party for Nick’s first birthday, which honestly was more puppy themed with kids eating cake and ice cream from dog dishes (clean, unused ones of course) and where puppy chow was on the menu. That theme had spunk, it had thought put into it. Same for our second birthday party. I won’t talk about the third birthday party, because it was my lazy year. I let the playground provide the entertainment and I didn’t serve food. Not that there was anything wrong with that, but it was very much uncharacteristic of me.

To put it simply (and to stay on topic), I like generic themes like dinosaurs, pirates, transportation, etc. Things that aren’t so limited, things that leave much room for imagination and creativity. Hello! I’m an artiste, this is what I live for.

The same goes for Halloween costumes. I cannot reconcile his desire to be a red Power Ranger this year with my desire to see him wearing a nice, normal costume that has thought and creativity behind it. Everyday, I’m begging him to re-consider being a scary pirate, and everyday I succeed. Then the next day, he’s back to wanting to dress up like Batman. Or the stinkin’ red Power Ranger. (Apparently this has much to do with the Red Power Ranger from Power Rangers: Mystic Force being named Nick.)

Kids rely so much on things they see on tv, don’t you think? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I am just being selfish. I just don’t want to plan a birthday party or a costume around a television show, so sue me. I just don’t think it’s as fun as a basic party with some theme that says, “This is me. This is what I’m into.” Because honestly, when you get a Batman invitation in the mail, don’t you assume that the kid is very into Batman? So when you go and buy the kid a gift, isn’t it mostly Batman-related? See, I do that. I’m thinking that if people do that, someone is going to need to get rid of all his other toys just to make room in his toybox for these character-driven things. I don’t know how much more Batman stuff we need. Why can’t he just like toys that provoke imagination and creative play, like trucks and cars and things he used to love before discovering super heroes and action figures?

Let’s be fair to me here. Is this snobbery or selfishness? Or is it more like an appreciation for simplicity and imagination? ‘Cause I’ve used the word “imagination” a lot and I’m thinking that maybe I just want my kid to not be a victim of consumerism at such an early age. I mean, it’s really sad, right?



  1. You should do a superhero themed party. That way you can buy a little batman stuff, a little spiderman stuff and the kids can dress-up like whoever they want.

  2. Ash: I should, but it’s been done already by someone I know. Um, that might seem like a dumb reason but it’s somewhat overplayed. Funny though that in the link you provided, the kid’s name was Nick and he pretty much liked every single superhero that my Nick likes. Maybe it’s a Nick thing? No, a boy thing is more like it 🙂

  3. 1. I say make him do what YOU want. The time you have left to do so is very limited! That was my motto this year, and they ended up having a great time.

    2. I second Ashlee on the superhero idea. I wouldn’t worry that someone else is already doing it. We can’t make the other superhero party anyway, so i’m counting on you to throw me & my kids another one to attend. : ].

  4. LOL! I guess I am a snob to, I am sure you already thought that though, because I don’t like character parties/costumes either! I think my kids are determined to drive me crazy with characters this year though. Isn’t every boy going to be Iron Man this year? So why would Taylor want to be the same thing as everyone else?!!!

  5. i like ashlees super hero party idea….sounds like fun…guess who coen will be….is indiana jones really a super hero?

  6. Ems: I think that I’ve talked him into something more simple, but I’m sure his mind will change. And we’re not going to get to go to Holden’s party either now. Not just because of the latest developments financially, but also because something has come up, family-wise, that I cannot get out of. So maybe I’ll go that route, but will see.

    Lindsay: No, I don’t really think it’s snobbery at all. I think it’s good taste, and we cannot be faulted for that 🙂 I know that little boys like to be superheroes, and I’d be fine if Nick wanted to be, say, Super Nick or something with imagination and spunk. But just plain ol’ Batman? Eh. BORING, if you ask me. I want him to try his hand at being something sorta spooky, like a skeleton or a ghost pirate or something. Use a little creativity, children. Be individuals already so you can stand out!

    I guess that’s not really something they want though because most kids really just want to fit in. Still, Nick’s 3, almost 4. How much could he know about fitting in?!

    Shea: Indiana Jones is a super archaeology hero!!! 🙂

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