Posted by: angelnorman | September 29, 2008

Times is hard, ya’ll

We have paid our credit card off twice now.

The first time, it was a big monster of a payment that we were proud to pay. The second time, Friday to be exact, our payment was the direct result of us having to charge $50 on the credit card because um, we didn’t stick to our budget. ($67 at Lady Nails is not sticking to the budget at all– and then we wondered why we had to charge the $50! Frivolous spending is killing us and it has got to stop. For reals.) 

And guess what, dear readers? I’m going to have to rent a car and possibly pay for part of my mechanic bill on this card again. Yep, you read right. I have to charge yet again on my $0 balance credit card. I am grief-stricken. No. But I do feel defeated.

Okay, at least I have this resource at my fingertips. It could be worse. I could have no money to replace the radiator in my car. I could have to keep Nick home from school for the next two weeks. I could have it a lot worse. And it’s not as though I’m going to max it out again. At least I know that when we get paid again on the 10th, I’ll be able to pay that sucker off.

Again. Did you hear? AGAIN.

However, I’m making very little headway with paying off the other bills. We’ve been chipping away at another loan, which was a pretty small balance compared to some of our bigger debt, and although we paid them a huge payment with our last paycheck (about $200 more than I really wanted to, honestly), I just sent in an extra $250 payment to it because I was thinking “Woohoo! It’s almost done! I’ll be done by Halloween for sure!”

OF COURSE this is when my car’s radiator decides its had enough. It is outright leaking now. Not dripping. Major leaking.

We called the mechanic and they said a complete radiator replacement would be about $295 plus tax. $45 more than that payment. Imagine how much less I’d be strapped if only…

This is where I QQ.

For non-gamers, this means I’m crying. See? The Q’s are eyes. And the lines from the Q’s are tears. Get it? Eh, maybe it should stay a gamer thing.

That emergency fund sounds like a good idea right about now. Unfortunately, we decided to pay off debt first. Huh. Maybe we should have done it the Dave Ramsey way and at least put aside $1000 for this kind of crap.

But I’ll make it through and by Christmas, we will be even better than this. I always make it. It always works out. Heck, we’ll get right back on track in a month and be fine.

I just won’t be able to do much the next two weeks that isn’t free or super cheap. I won’t be able to pay Nick’s tuition until the 10th, which means it’ll be $10 more expensive (stupid!). I won’t be able to buy his halloween costume till then (honestly, I could make do with something here I imagine). I won’t be able to start planning his birthday party till this charge is paid off. But so what, right? I will still be able to eat, I will still be able to pay my bills, I will still be able to afford to fix my car this time.

I’m not the first person with money problems, I know.

It just never fails that as soon as I take some steps forward, I have to take even more back. I would have had no worries about this if I hadn’t made that stupid payment to the loan this week. I would have the $250 in my bank account.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not mad that I paid something as much as I’m mad that I had the debt to begin with. If only I weren’t in debt and making these big payments every paycheck (and hospital bills count– I’ve received my first one from Nick’s surgery and it is not looking good, let me tell ya), I would have, get this, $700 EXTRA this paycheck. Extra. To just do whatever with.

I could afford to fix my car twice.

That right there makes me sick.



  1. I hear ya! we are having some tough times too….with having to get both cars fixed and things like that.

    But, it could be worse, I tell myself that all the time too. there are two things that have helped me immensely over this tough month. i’d like to share them, but i don’t want to be preachy or anything. just wanna let you know i feel ya, and here’s whats helped me…

    One thing we did since the beginning of summer was just put a tiny bit of money away. I’m talking like 10 bucks every paycheck, not much at all. Or whatever change we had left over after a day out or something, we just put it in a jar. Sounds lame I know, but when we had to pay 400 last month to get aarons car fixed, there was almost $200 in there I was able to use for groceries and small bills and school stuff for the boys. Sure I’d wanted to save that money for chirstmas time, but wow, what if that extra money hadn’t been there at all? i’d reccomend starting a little piggy bank to anyone…

    Also – staying out of those places that tempt me. This means no Target. Yes I know, it sound awful, but i have learned that for me, if i don’t see it, i don’t want it. I have tried to apply to this to all areas of shopping really, save for groceries – now you know why i’ve been at the library so much lately!

    And i try to remember that this won’t last, we’ll look back on this time someday and think phew, that was tough, but we made it.

    and i promise to only suggest free activities. like you know coffee at my house. or rolling down the hill at the park. [is there even a park near us that has a roll-down-able hill?]

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