Posted by: angelnorman | September 30, 2008

some things OR Curse you, McDonald’s, with your awesome Batman Lego toys

1. I can’t get “Bottle of Sunshine” (by Milkshake) out of my head. Where my Noggin fans at?!

 2. My new radiator is shiny. I like it. No more overheating for me! Check out this silvery action amidst all the old, dirty black and gray stuff.

New radiator.

3. Today is my little brother Micah’s birthday. He’s turning, um, 22? 23? I forget. I’m a bad sister. Once they’re 21, I pretty much stop keeping up with how old they are. Courtney, you have a few months and then I’ll forget your age too.

4. We have been to McDonald’s a lot recently. This pleases Nick, who begs daily to go to Nick Donald’s for chicken nuggets, ’cause you know, his belly hurts with an ache that only a 4 piecer can cure. Sometimes we’ll go and just buy the toy and get some drinks, it depends on if he catches me in a good and/or thirsty mood. And this one time while Nick was at school, I stopped by McD’s for my vice– a large diet coke (fat straws, woo)– and I added the stinkin’ toy thinking, “Well I’ll surprise him.”

And here’s what I’m ticked about. We’ve received at least 3 of those Jokermans that come with a box that shoots out a big fist. THREE. And everytime, he looks at the packaging like, “Why don’t I ever get Batman or Robin?!”

3. C'mon now.

It’s pathetic, but it sort of makes me all, “Yeah, why don’t they give us something different?” It’s not like we’re going to the same locations every single time. Did all of our local McDonald’s just order a plethora of those particular toys but not of the ones that we actually want? Is there a Batman and Robin shortage? I’m thinking of just asking for specific toys next time. I might even go inside and dig through the bins myself. I mean, hello, McDonald’s! You’re making it very hard on me. How can I expect to win my child’s affection when I present him with the same toy every time? GAAH.

4a. It’s tangent time!

This vaguely reminds me of that time that I was playing Guess Who? with my sister. She was probably about, I dunno, 5 or 6, and we were sitting in her bedroom floor playing this wretched game. So I decided that I was bored and I was going to cheat if at all possible. I shuffled the cards and I made sure to put the Alex card on top. Do you know Alex? He’s awesome. Well, I did this to her once, and I won of course because I knew exactly what to ask… Then I did it a second time. Um, actually the very next time. She drew the card and looked at it suspiciously for a second, and I won again. (boo-yah.)I decided I surely couldn’t stop there.

I did this to her repeatedly, one time right after another. She couldn’t draw anything but Alex. And once she even said, “Angel, I got Alex again. Can I please have a reshuffle?” And I was all, “Sure, Courtney.” and took the card and placed it EXACTLY where she would pick. It was so great. She kept huffing and puffing every time, totally thinking the universe was out to get her, I’m sure. I did it to her 3 or 4 more times before finally I couldn’t control my laughter and she caught on to my trickery.

It was hilarious, and even still, it cracks me up to think of her going like 5 games drawing the same dude.

It’s kinda like that with our Jokerman and Fist Cube toys. How many more times before Nick just says, “Seriously?! Again?!”

Nick needs a sibling so that he can pull those sort of stunts one day too, don’t ya think?

5. My car hit 320 k today! I was super excited, so excited I almost wrecked it trying to take this picture.

My, my, someone's old.

That’s a lie. I didn’t almost wreck. But I did miss the place I was supposed to turn. Oops.

6. I’ve been thinking about Nick’s birthday and I really want to do a pillowcase race. And have a bonfire. But, like, nowhere near one another. I’m just saying these are things that I want, seperately. Oh, and I also want to teach the kids how to make their own volcanoes. We’re thinking about doing a dinosaur theme now, ’cause Nick approves of it and I think I can easily do a Dino Island a la Wubbzy for the kids, with volcanoes and fires to make Dino-mite s’mores or something. And then the Pillowcase Race can be called “Escape from Dino Island”, like one of Nick’s fave episodes of Wubbzy.

6a. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who was going to buy him a present included one of those Jokermans with the Fist Cube thingies in their gift? That would be awesome. I’d laugh anyways.

7. Michael took a video of me coming out of a public bathroom on Saturday, and I swear I have the profile of a sasquatch. No, seriously. Like I walk like this dude. It is awful, but it totally makes us laugh. I need to lose weight.

8. Is tomorrow really October?!

8a. My mom and stepdad are closing on their new house tomorrow. Yay!

9. Here’s a few randoms for you.

My boys.

He calls this

Num num num num.

And boom goes the dynamite.



  1. LOL! We have Batman! I love guess who! Can we come to Nick’s party because it sounds like it will be a ton of fun!

  2. Linds, of course you can! I hope I manage to actually make it fun this year. I asked Mike if we could have a bonfire and got shot down, so I’ll have to rethink this.

    And a big “totally unfair!” to you and the fact that you have Batman! What magical McD’s did you visit?

  3. Korben got the The Penguin car that shoots penguins out. Do you want it?? lol They end up in the trash or goodwill bag anyways.

  4. I couldn’t take his car from him! However, when it becomes Goodwill bound, maybe we will take it off your hands! 🙂

  5. We have 2 Robins and one joker. :)- Cool Springs

    What they are supposed to do is put out ONE toy each week, and it changes every Friday. So this week would be Joker, next would be Batman, next Robin, etc. Some probably do it that way, some probably don’t. 🙂

    Oh and if you want to invite us, we would totally love it, but also don’t do it unless you already were, and don’t feel like you have to. LOL! 🙂

  6. we need to start a support group….i keep getting the jokerman car….can you just get them wothout a happy meal???? rock it….oh and a support group for the large diet cokes and fat straws….my car is a large cup graveyard

  7. haha..this is all so funny..and this is very off topic..but what font is that on your pictures? I really love it! lol

  8. you are so funny! also, can you really buy the toys w/ out the happy meal???

  9. Shauna: Thank you for the toy tip. I will try to see if my luck changes tomorrow. And yes, of course, I’d invite you guys again. You know how I like to share cake with everyone I know 🙂

    Shea: Support group, for sure. Yes, you can buy them without the happy meal. They’re usually $1.50 or so.

    Jen: It’s called Angelina, but I already told you that this morning. So disregard this comment. I just didn’t want it to seem like I had ignored you. What would people think? Wild and crazy “Angel hates Jen” rumors would fly like mad. I’m glad I made you laugh though.

    Plus, I wanted to share this in case anyone else was wondering. It’s called Angelina and I’m pretty sure I got it at Font Freak.

    Charlene: Thank you for thinking I’m funny. Yes, indeed, you can just buy the toys. It’s almost as expensive to buy the toy and split a chicken nugget meal than buying the happy meal and a seperate meal for myself though. I’ve tried in vain to make it save me a few bucks, but no. Sometimes we do that, when they have crappy toys. But Nick loves the Batman toys and I want him to have them, hence my purchasing them seperately even if we’re not eating a meal 🙂

    I can’t believe you guys didn’t know you could buy them seperately!

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