Posted by: angelnorman | October 3, 2008

Darn right.

 Graphic by Emily Hartley

I assure you that I’m not one to get all political, especially not in blog format. Never once have I thought, “Ya know, I should sit down and blog about how this election makes me feel, how my choice candidate makes me proud.” (Though he does!) Not even once have I wanted to be serious about it. I think people who take politics too seriously are a yawn.

But as the lyrics of Rilo Kiley’s “Portions for Foxes” says:
“There’s blood in my mouth ’cause I’ve been biting my tongue all week.”

Let’s get this cleared up, people. Barack Obama voted against funding of troops because it did NOT have a timeline on it, and he is against NOT the funding of troops but the lack of timeline. On the same note, John McCain’s own party (But not McCain himself; he missed this vote) voted against the funding of troops because it DID have a timeline. The Republican party, in this case, is also not against funding troops– they’re really just against the presence of a timeline.

Barack and most Demos: against more funding to troops without a definite timeline on withdrawal.  Republicans: against more funding to troops with a timeline on withdrawal. Both parties love the troops, but only want to send more funding if it meets their conditions.

So… are we all clear? Yes, Obama did vote no funding for troops in the one bill that suggested no timeline, no plan of action for removing the troops from Iraq and ending the war. YES, HE DID. Check out for Obama’s voting record on troop support. (Actually, I recommend to anyone voting in this year’s election. You should spend a few minutes every day reading the site, catching up, and learning more about THE TRUTH since there has been many a misinformed statement thrown about– from both parties.)

Biden and Obama are wrong. They (Obama and McCain) did not vote the same way, no. McCain wasn’t even there! But he did urge Bush to veto the proposal that included the timeline– so you know, had he been there, he’d have voted like his party. The Republicans are just as guilty of not voting for more funding for the troops unless it met their conditions as Barack is.

So let it go already, folks. Let’s be fair and stop going ’round over this.

McCain and Palin are so ready to throw that out in their debates. They are making themselves look retarded if you ask me, and Obama and Biden’s lack of knowledge on the truth is just sad. What’s worse though is that McCain and Palin are trying to use that one vote against Obama, and it’s WASTING our time. He voted every other chance he got to support our troops.

All the Republicans can do, really, is attack Obama.  I never hear as much of their plans to lead our country compared to how much they’re running on and on about how they see Obama’s plans as ludicrous. I mean, be proactive, folks! Take a moment to stop tearing down the other guy and just work on a fix for our future already, sheesh. I see no hope for our future with this sort of behavior, honestly. But that’s a whole ‘notha story.


One of my biggest issues with politics is the endless slandering, the shameless and sometimes highly ignorant untruths being spouted out, etc. I especially hate anti-Obama emails about his religion (He’s a Christian), his heritage (he’s an American and again, a Christian– never once practiced Islam! Was not sworn in on the Quran!), his wife (Michelle Obama does not hate white people!) and of course, that stupid picture where he’s holding the phone upside down WHICH IS A FAKE, and was done to President Bush as well after Hurrican Katrina, sometime in 2005. I just really dislike slander.

That sort of stuff, the mockery and the lies…. It makes me not want to take an interest in any of it. I like setting people straight though. My grandmother, bless her heart, is a Repub and is really bad about sending me anti-Obama stuff, to which I promptly reply to with links that clear things up.

You know what I want? I want the truth. And more importantly, I want knowledge to squash racial and religious ignorance that blinds us from seeing the truth. Oh, and I want my President to encourage tolerance, peace, and finding the middle ground. I don’t think that’s so much to ask.

Moving on. I do not like Sarah Palin much, for reasons that I really choose not to go into, but I thought she did a hella good job holding her own in the debate last night. And I really loved hearing her say, “Darn right” as much as she did. It made me laugh. She was tough, although she spouted off many untruths. (As did Biden. I’m not taking sides with this one.) But I didn’t cringe when she spoke, so that was good news, right? You know, it’d be a shame if McCain and Palin win this election (God forbid) and I couldn’t even stand to hear them speak.

Here’s my Friday Afternoon Video, a highlight from the VP debates.



  1. Wow, Angel, well said, well written. AMEN SISTER!! Way to take FAV to the next level. I am honored to be called your friend.

    It seems so tough anymore to wade through all the crap to get to the real truths. We really have to do the research ourselves if we want to make an informed vote, and is anybody even doing that anymore? Thats what makes me nervous.

    However, I must agree to disagree on Ms. Palin’s performance, because for me personally, her darn rights, and say it aint so’s and winking totally turned me off to her.

  2. oh she was charming! 🙂 she was almost southern…. haha.

  3. I agree, very charming. Unfortunately for her, Obama’s already charmed my pants off.

    Oh wait….that sounded completely inappropriate…

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