Posted by: angelnorman | October 4, 2008

Prayer request.

I wanted to ask you guys to remember my family in your thoughts and prayers if you could.

This morning, my cousins Missy and Adrianne (sad, but I have no idea if I’m spelling her name right!) had to make the very difficult decision to take their father, my Uncle Don, off of life support. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday or the day before (cardiac arrest) and had to be resuscitated once. Then he started running a really high fever (106 degrees) and his kidneys began shutting down. So they made the call to end his suffering. He was in his late 60s I believe and suffering from many alcohol-abuse related ailments, too (liver problems and the like).

This is hard on my mom, who was close to him despite their age difference. Just the other day when I was helping her pack, I noted how many pictures she had of him in her photo albums from when she was young, despite him being her second-oldest brother, and she said that she had always looked up to him in those days. When my grandfather refused to walk my mom down the aisle when she married my dad because she was pregnant with me, my Uncle swooped in to make sure she had someone give her away with dignity. They were always close, though less close in these past few years as his alcohol problem got really out of control. He sorta withdrew from the family a bit. He was almost always at our Thanksgiving table though, as he and his children have a strained relationship and he is, and has been for awhile, unmarried. My mom could never stand to think of him being alone and despite any issues they had, she made sure he had a Thanksgiving meal.

My poor mom though is doing a wedding today (she’s a part-time wedding coordinator for those unaware), trying to move into her house this weekend, and is now also going to be helping plan her brother’s funeral. Well, I guess his daughters will be doing that, but our family, his brothers and sisters, I’m sure will be helping them. 😦 I feel badly for my mom though. She was already overwhelmed with all these changes and her mounting to-do list, and now this is weighing heavily on her heart.

At least our family is taking comfort in the knowledge that he no longer has to suffer with his addictions. He is finally free of that pain and agony, no longer having to live under the bondage of his weaknesses. Free at last.

But if you could remember us– especially his children and my mother– anyways, I’d really appreciate it.

I hope I never have to make those same decisions for my alcoholic dad. I can’t imagine.



  1. I’ll be one should have to go through this. 😦

  2. Thank you kindly 🙂

  3. i’ll keep ypu in my prayers girl

  4. Thanks, ladies. I really appreciate it! Many hugs to you all.

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