Posted by: angelnorman | October 6, 2008

Because without them, would there be any thing worthwhile?

I love family.

** I’d appreciate more prayers from you prayer warriors, this time for the strength and the piece of mind of my SIL, who is going through some tough times. **

I wish I lived closer to that family. If I had a big house, I’d have them all come live with me and I wouldn’t even think twice about it. Or I’d buy the land across from my MIL and I’d build us all big houses near one another, that way our kids could always play together and we could help one another more easily.

I am so blessed to have a life filled with family, and lucky that it so easily comes as my number one priority after God and my immediate family. I don’t even have to think twice about it, it’s just there. It’s just a part of me. And I’m a better person because of it, I know. During all these tough times lately, the only things that made me feel whole was holding Baby Jonathan in my arms, cuddling him and feeding him a bottle… or watching my kid play baseball with his cousins, running around like crazy, happier than I’ve seen him in a while. And then there was the laughing with my SILs and eating some of my MIL’s Sunday dinner. And the riding of the four wheeler, this time through the river! So beautiful, so fun.

Again I say I could eaisly move to the country and not miss the suburbs at all.


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