Posted by: angelnorman | October 9, 2008


… was a very peaceful sort of day. Good weather, too.

… was filled with impromptu visits with so many friends.

… renewed my interest in that Pikachu-humping video, or really just the song that accompanies it (and only because I got to see it play out in real life today; except the Pikachu was a kid. Oops. The only thing missing was a soundtrack, though. And cowbell. It needed more cowbell.)

… brought me much laughter.

… I coughed a lot less, actually. I ate just as many cough drops though. Stupid tickle in my throat!

… I felt good to be out in the Autumn air. Well, except for when the blasted mosquitos started biting.

… I had ice cream. And it was awesome.

… I learned that McD’s is about to discontinue the Batman toys and replace them with Hot Wheels. Why me?!

… I feel like dancing.



  1. My poor traumatized Kendan. yet, I still laugh thinking about it. teehee.

  2. I learned the hot wheel thing the hard way, standing in line for dinner last night. Hayden even said “But we only got ONE batman toy!” to which I almost replied ” well, you can borrow a Joker from Nick…”

  3. The Kendan thing was hilarious. You should put it in his baby book. “And, uhhh, then there was this one time at Miss Shea’s….”

    Dude, we can totally share with C&H. I’m sure Nick would be willing to give at least ONE to them 🙂

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