Posted by: angelnorman | October 14, 2008

I made these.

I happen to love them.



  1. these turned out awesome! wow. i’m totally making these for everybody for christmas. you, my dear, are an inspiration.

  2. thank you. i personally love how mike’s head is bigger than mine and nick’s. actually, mine is just really small because you know, i took the pics of them and mike took the pic of my profile. trying to get mike to do the picture of me the right way was like pulling teeth, it’s as if he has no concept of what i mean when i say “try to make my whole head fill the screen.”

    oh well! this was my first time making silhouettes since i was, yanno, a CHILD, so i’m just glad that they turned out even halfway decent (especially since it’s my new living room decor).

    p.s. i’m going to get one of those wooden signs that say “family” or something to go underneath it. i ❤ kirkland's, and they usually have a lot of those things.

    So how are you going to do these as gifts? Won't you have to have everyone's profile pics in advance, and then how will that still be a surprise? Or maybe it's not a surprise?

  3. Cool! I like the frames too..good choice! 🙂

  4. P.S. That profile shot of you looks nothing like the meerkat one at the zoo…LOLOLOL I wonder if they have a family of meerkat silhouettes under that cave that we don’t know about…haha

  5. well, i’d probably be doing grandkids for the grandparents, things like that. plus i’ve seen some where they do a whole scene so i might try my hand at that? who knows? i’ll keep you posted.

    p.s. i saw your meerkat pic that jen took. you totally look like one.

  6. ems: i get it. i would love to do that for nick’s grandparents, but they’d probably not think it as cool as i do. and what a cool idea to do a whole scene. i might try to do something like that for some folks too. i had never thought of that and i think it’s totally brill. anyways, good luck with all that, and i can’t wait to see what you do!

    regarding the meerkat comment, thank you!!! 🙂 i told you, JEN! it;s the long skinny nose. not the whole face, just the nose. i am the proud owner of a nose that looks as though it could be on a meerkat.

    jen: those frames were $5 at walmart. woot for the chinese.

  7. Have you ever heard of Mainstays? 🙂 LOL

  8. that is awesome! how did you do that??? I love the frames too! It’s just perfect. Let’s face it, you rock! love the halloween decorations too! great job!

  9. Those are so great!

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