Posted by: angelnorman | October 15, 2008

How to make a “trash bag tarantula” OR Random things to do with loops of duct tape


Either it’s a slow blog day or you’re all just jealous of my mad Halloween decorating skills. I can’t believe no comments, people. Not even from my own mother. What the heck?! I can fart and blog about it, and I’ll get like three comments about how one of you fart too. But seriously, I was really proud of all my hard work yesterday and none of you even acknowledged it!

Pfft. Clearly you’re jealous of me and my spider decor.

Hence why I’m going to teach you to make a trash bag tarantula, so that you can have your own decor and not be jealous of me any longer.

You Will Need:
1 box (13 count) of black lawn and garden trash bags (I got mine at Big Lots for $2.50)
Piles and piles of Leaves or for the tree-hating sort, Wads of Newspaper
Duct Tape or Black Electrical Tape
2 Red Plastic Drinking Cups
Lots of room

Step 1- The spider’s Body
Rake your leaves into piles or wad your newspaper. Stuff two garbage bags, one fuller than the other and, using the excess garbage bag top that would normally be twisted and tied off,  tie the two bags up and then together. Each bag should be closed off, yet still securely tied to one another. Use tape for a closer, more secure hold as well. I made loops of duct tape to add some reinforcement.

Step 2- Making the legs
Roll 8 more trashbags lengthwise and secure with tape. Family Fun says that you should do two bags together and then make the legs look jointed with the electrical tape. I was out of electrical tape, and I didn’t have enough bags to roll two together. So I improvised with rolling one bag lengthwise and adding loops of duct tape on the “inside” of the legs to hold it all together. I also added some silvery duct tape tips to my spider for added spookiness.

Step 3- Making a spider
Once all the legs have been made, cut 4 tiny slits in each side of the spider’s body.

Step 4- Making eyes
Cut and remove the bottom of both red plastic cups. Add a loop of duct tape to each one and place the eyes.

Step 5- Making the teeth
Using the remaining cup, cut two triangles of plastic and, with yet another couple loops of duct tape, adhere the plastic fangs to the spider.


This idea was modified from Family Fun’s Trashbag Tarantula idea. It’s pretty much the same thing, only done my way (like all good things should be. Just kidding. Mostly.)

P.S. I don’t really think you’re jealous, nor do I care that I got zero comments. I just needed a witty lead-in to this tutorial.

Also, seriously?! Not even my mom?



  1. Um..I didn’t want to say anything…but your decorations are cool, but I was working on mine too:

    LOVE THEM. Ecspecially the “Website” yard post. And the pics of you and your duct tape are awesome.

    P.S. I just farted and wrote a blog about it. Comments please!

  2. Thank you.

    I was disappointed that you hadn’t really blogged about your farting. It’s not nice to fib, Miss Jen. Everyone knows that.

  3. I was needing a good idea for a big spider for the back of my F250 for trunk or treat – thanks for sharing your idea. It’s looks totally creepy! Heading to Big Lots ASAP 🙂

    (Thought about mentioning farting, but chose not to – oh wait I just did!! LOL)

  4. Hello, Lisa! Thank you for your comment! You made me LOL with the farting part 😛

    The spider is super easy to make. It did take me a good solid hour, but I had a 4 year old trying to “help”, and I stopped to take pics some for the tutorial. But I couldn’t believe how easy breezy this was. I hope your trunk or treat goes well! Happy Halloween. 🙂

  5. That is a great idea! I would never have thought a trash bag could be spooky 😛

  6. I just found your directions for making this spider-and they are great! My kids and I made one today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Warning: if you make your tarnatula with yard leaves and keep them in the bags for 10 days before the school project is due then mold will grow in the bag and when your little guy or gal brings it to school and the other kids jump on the bag full of moldy leaves when the presentation is done then they will break open and mold will spread all over the atmosphere in the class infected everything and everyone and then bad things will happen.
    P.S. If I fart right now I’d probably make a mess.

  8. […] Here’s another spider, yet this one isn’t nearly as spooky as the previous example. It is made from a stuffed trash bag, from which come out long tubing legs, and it is decorated with red eyes and white paper fangs. via angnorman […]

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