Posted by: angelnorman | October 20, 2008

Lazy Schmazy. It’s all in how you look at it.

Lovin', it's what I got.

I’m having another one of those lazy mornings again, where I can’t quite get rollin’. I successfully managed to roll out of bed and put on the coffee, then settle onto the couch to give in to the demand Nicholas was making for me to hold him. I barely even made our breakfast, all I had to do was open a package, after deciding that 4 repeated breakfasts of Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Pop-Tarts can’t be THAT bad for him. The dishes from the weekend were piled in the sink, so I did wash those up quickly…. but that’s about all I’ve managed to accomplish today. I can’t believe it’s already noon.

This has happened to me pretty much every day for two weeks. Two whole weeks of lazy mornings. Fall break really threw me off, ya know. I kept telling myself that I had no clue how I handled things before Nick was in school those two measly days per week, because I feel like I’m on a schedule now. Those days keep me productive and on top of things, typically. It has been an arduous task to get back on some sort of to-do list-lined track of productivity these past few days. 

Still, I can’t help feeling satisfied with myself a little this morning. I mean, there were lots of kisses and cuddles gratuitously given out. And then several tickle fights erupted, and giggling fits enjoyed. The dishes got cleaned, and who cares if my sink is still filthy, bordering unsanitary? Who cares if the laundry is piling up and the to-do list is collecting dust? 

Most importantly, Nick enjoyed his Pop-Tarts. So what is there to complain about?

The house will wait. It always does.

And while my house is waiting on me to clean it, you can enjoy these pics of my lovely weekend.

Seriously, three weeks till Nicholas’s birthday party. I cannot believe how fast time is flying.



  1. I feel the same way. Only mine is from coming off of a trip to Florida where, for a whole week, I barely slept and I walked. A lot. But still, I don’t even want to start school again. I just want to spend my day cleaning and organizing and getting ready for a baby that won’t be here for at least five more months. And besides, our days are going to be so filled with STUFF that I feel less than motivated to create lesson plans. Oh well, right? Off to attempt a nap 😉

  2. were those meerkats or just you playing in the mud? it was hard to tell the difference…i love the pic of nick with antlers. that kid is just too photogenic for his own good.

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