Posted by: angelnorman | October 23, 2008


Because I’m just not that comfortable with taking tests that my ovaries need to pass, I’m procrastinating on leaving to make my 11 am appointment in Nashville. I could probably leave as late as 10:30 and still make it, right? I don’t have to be in a hurry. So here’s you some pics.

This is pre-hoedown. No parents are allowed to stay for the hoedown today, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get to enjoy dressing Nick like a cowboy. Cowboy hats and bandanas were provided at the school, but Nick wanted to wear his and ride his horsie in the pics this morning.

Would be the cutest picture EVER, one to hang on the wall or send out to all the grandparents, if only he didn’t have a huge spit bubble emerging from his lips.

So handsome in those boots, but I think he reminds me of one of those little short mexican guys who are always wearing cowboy boots and hats with their button up shirts. It’s less cowboy to me, more short mexican dude, which Mike says is racist of me.
I didn’t say ALL mexicans dress that way, geez.

Love those eyes.

He says, “Howdy UP!” instead of “Giddy up”. Ironically, it cracks me up.

“Don’t take my picture AGAIN!”

The little boots that could.



  1. too too cute! Nick is rockin the cowboy look! I never thought short mexican, till you said it and now that’s all I think. ha ha either way, he’s so cute!

  2. See? I knew I wasn’t the only one who could see the short mexican dude in tight jeans, button up shirt, with cowboy boots and hat. To complete his cowboy look, Nicholas really neeed a bandana, a vest, and some chaps. I just really couldn’t help but make the short mexican dude comparison with that first picture, and now it just makes me laugh to think about it.


    Kenny calls those little Mexican men with boots…”TEXICANS”

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