Posted by: angelnorman | October 28, 2008

Also OMM.

My ultrasound came back completely normal. This means there is no explanation for the painful stuff I experienced one week (and that one night in particular) before Nick was hospitalized, but it also means that there is nothing wrong. My ovaries are fine, everyone! Actually, it’s the best news I’ve ever heard about them. So yay for that.

Thanks for everyone who emailed, called and asked me how I was/how it went, or sent me ecards (:)) to let me know you were thinking of me, even when a lot of you had your own stuff going on. You guys are sweeter than all the Halloween candy in the whole wide world. Good friends like you are the best.



  1. Yea!! Congrats on the normal results! Hopefully you will figure out what was causing you pain.

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