Posted by: angelnorman | November 2, 2008

And so it begins.

An excerpt from my old blog, Nov. 2nd, 2004:

“there are these things that i would like to talk about, the joys of being pregnant, but really i don’t know where to begin. between the constant swelling of your ankles (which already looked like hams as it were) and the constant breaking out all over your body (with more pimples than you’ve ever had throughout your entire lifetime), there are just so many wonderful aspects of becoming a mom that it’s almost impossible for me to know where i should start in my praise of pregnancy.”

I was apparently very sarcastic and wishing I was not pregnant. Someone should have told me to be careful what you wish for, I think.

For the next two weeks, I am celebrating Nicholas- his birth, his 4 years with us, his future- because this is more than just celebrating a birthday. This is more than cake and ice cream and a crapton of presents. This is about the day I became a mother to one of the sweetest little boys to ever grace the face of this earth (if I do say so myself). I’m celebrating the day Michael and I became parents to our son, who on November 12th will be celebrating 4 years of life with us. I am overwhelmed with emotion when I think about how fast it’s all gone. Nicholas’s actual birth seems like 50 years ago, but at the same time it feels like it was only yesterday.

Be prepared for a lot of Nicholas-centric blogs in the coming week and a half.



  1. Awe..his precious little fingers look exactly the same as today!!!

  2. 🙂 Yes, they do. They look so long compared to his little body in this video, though. Really his little hand was just a smidge bigger than the very top part of my thumb, from the knuckle up to the tip. But they sure look like giant hands, hehe. Aw, so precious.

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