Posted by: angelnorman | November 3, 2008

Worries for another day.

There is no sweeter sound than a laughing, joyous child. I feel this way no matter whose child we’re talking about… mine, yours, that person in the Wal-Mart checkout line whose kid is playing peekaboo with me. Yeah, I love me a laughing baby. I don’t think there is a more precious sound in the world. My husband feels the same way.

It’s no wonder that two of our favorite videos of the past 4 years include laughter.

Michael’s Nick Pick of The Day:

My Nick Pick of the Day:




  1. Awe..he looks so much like Michael in those..but now I think he looks just like you. GOSH HE’S SO BIG NOW!

  2. He has my face shape, so it’s slightly unfair. I think that no matter what other physical feature he had, be it Michael’s perfect nose or my eye shape (or my eyelashes, which he has– only twenty times better!) or anything else that could have been on his little face, he’d still always favor me because our faces are shaped the same. He is literally our Angel Baby.

  3. I love those, so so sweet! Made me smile!! I saw you called him your angel baby, that’s what I always called Abby too! funny.

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