Posted by: angelnorman | November 4, 2008

C’est la vie. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

This morning I came around the corner and caught my son beating my loveseat with a baseball bat. I will not win awards for my great strides in motherhood today, no. 

But that’s just how it goes ’round these parts.

If you were to visit us right now, you’d find me unshowered, wearing dirty pajamas, probably smelling a little like lucky charms and peanut butter, and the house very messy indeed. You would find aforementioned peanut butter on the dining room table, which is still covered with a tablecloth for Halloween, and you’d probably find some jelly on the chairs. Not just the chair my kid was supposed to sit in, but all three chairs that are in there right at this moment because he sat in each one, strewing his sandwich mess in each and every seat. You’d find the tv on some ridiculous kids show that, although somewhat educational, is really nothing but movement and headache-inducing noise. And you’d find toys scattered everywhere. I mean everywhere.

In fact, if you were here and you needed to potty, you’d have to remove at least 6 or 7 toys from the bathroom before you could even move in there.

And you don’t even want to go in my kitchen. The sink is piled high with dishes from the past two days and the stove is still covered with last night’s dinner.

My most sacred of spaces, my home, is in utter ruin.

Just like the arm of that loveseat, I feel somewhat beaten. My to-do list has gained on me and I have even thought about giving up naptime to clean my house and restore it to its former glory.

Instead though, I want to curl up with this guy and have a little rest, as we drift off to dreams that are sweet while the Beatles sing us lullabies. Because really, how can anyone resist the urge to curl up and get “com-fuh-ble and cozy” with something as sweet as this little guy?

This, my friends, is the greatest achievement I’ve ever made. This is what life is all about to me. Without a bat, he’s not so scary. He’s actually quite the little angel.



  1. and you know what? You voted too. Early. You were totally on top of that whole democracy thing.

    You’ve accomplished a lot, an awesome kid and you’ve excercised your right as an american.

    this mama is proud of you.

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