Posted by: angelnorman | November 5, 2008

Well he does love robots…

Nicholas has recently become obsessed with “robot moves”.

He made me laugh tonight at Jason’s Deli when he assured us that his robot walk was a pretty accurate impression of all robot dancing.

We came home to watch the election coverage, and though Nicholas was fiercely rooting for John McCain (I believe his personal goal is to always go for the person/team/ side I do not want him to support; hence why he delights in the Dark Side though I urge him to seek the Force), much fun was had by all tonight, and I caught a moment of it, which I share now with you in this video.

Oh, I laughed and laughed at this. I still do. He refers to my room as his “robot room”. I don’t even know what that means, but I had a good time watching him go across the room several hundred times tonight. It reminded me of that time– Courtney I know you hafta remember this!– when I ran back and forth outside of Courtney’s door doing a different dance move or crazy face or something each time I passed, just because. Just to make her laugh. It so reminded me of that. It was something I would have done for sure.

I didn’t watch much of the election coverage. Just the speeches. I cried a lot. I was moved. I felt good to have been a part of something, even just a tiny part. You may have read about this in my Barack the Vote blog, which I just thought was the funniest of titles though now the song is stuck in my head. Instead, I watched Nicholas do the robot and then Mike and I watched Journey to the Center of the Earth while we folded clothes. Well, while he folded clothes and I laid on the couch with cramps. Cramps that bring me no relief if you catch my drift. Fun times.



  1. Oh, I love this kid as much as I love my own. Hilarious.

    I haven’t even told Cash & Hayden that John McCain didn’t win yet, they were so excited about voting for him! Where that vote came from…..I have no idea! But I love love love the fact that they made up there own minds without any influence from me….

  2. You know, Nicholas was really upset about it this morning too. At first he did a little dance and said “Gobama! Barack Obama!” Then I said that if Barack Obama won, that meant that John McCain lost. He was like, “But John McCain HAS to win! It has to be him!” Well, I said, not so according to the American people. I told him about how sad the speech was, about how I cried a little, and about how sweet John McCain was as he congratulated his friend Barack on the win. I told him that he was very kind. And then with a down-trodden tone in his voice he said, “Aw man. I really did like him.” I was proud of him for that, too. I like that he saw good in John McCain’s character and picked that out, cause no one in this house really talked about John McCain much either way. It was exceptional.

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