Posted by: angelnorman | November 9, 2008

Another video for you.



  1. This is so good I love it!! Jen is too funny. Everyone seen to have a great time. Happy Birthday Budz! Gran loves you!!!

  2. This is so good I love it!! Jen is too funny. Everyone seem to have a great time. Happy Birthday Budz! Gran loves you!!!

  3. It was a great time! thanks for the invite..the party looked great, nice guests..the works! LOL thanks again for taking Jenson and letting him and Nick have fun together. It helped out a lot I’m sure for Kenny too!

    P.S. Thanks for the funny compliment! LOL

  4. Yes, everyone did seem to have a good time… those that I got to see anyways. The problem with the DC is that it’s really easy to lose track of people there.

    Jen: Jenson had a great time at dinner. He and my (24 year old) brother Joseph played and threw food at one another (sorry for the bad influencing) and were crazy boys all through dinner… we were all laughing so hard. My brother is completely random and silly anyways, and he was telling Nicholas and Jenson how to be bad, things like “Stand on the table and throw this.” I kept scolding my brother more than I had to scold the kids for things! So finally my brother and Jenson were going back and forth making weird noises at one another and my ex-stepmom, Joe and Micah’s mom, said, “I believe Joe’s met his match!” LOL. It was so funny because Nicholas was just staring at Joe like, “You are nuts, dude.” But Jenson seemed to really like him! Haha. (Coincidentally, Joe really liked Jenson too. He was holding him and tickling him. It was really cute.)

    And yes, Jen is really funny. That’s pretty much the only reason I like her.

    J/K!!!!! I love her for her mad dancing skillz too.

  5. HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHHA….it’s cool. I like Jenson to be a rebel most days. I try to encourage him to steal when we go to Kroger. He never gets the right kind of M & M’s though..he always pockets the Peanut kind…blah!

    Your brother and you guys were all very sweet to keep him. I hope the Deli food was awesome!!!!!

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