Posted by: angelnorman | November 11, 2008

i’m a little self-conscious; it’s why i blog.

It’s not the best picture of me. I had to add an effect to it just to make me like it enough to post it in my blog. But I wanted to show you my new haircut…

… and how badly my eyebrows need waxing.
… and how one of my eyes is bigger than the other.
… and how fat my face is; what a fatty I am these days! Seriously, I have all these plans to lose weight and go to the Y. Like I physically WANT to work out… just apparently not enough because I rarely make it there.
… and how dark my new hair is (we used a semipermanent dye to remove the brassy remnants of highlights from the summer; dye is a nice shade of “walnut”)

What you don’t know (until now) is that I took about 25 shots just to get this picture, and this picture isn’t even good. I am so unphotogenic, bless my heart.

But I like my hair, whether you do or not.



    ….you wanna talk about waxing? have a conversation with my mustache.
    ….i never noticed that eye thing until you pointed it out.
    …your face is gorgeous and not fat.
    …i kinda like this picture

    ….you just don’t like it because someone came out of your nether regions and stomped on all your dreams.

  2. Are you fishing for compliments here?

    Well, good..cause I always give them.
    Your hair looks great, and the color is awesome. I see no difference in eye size..and I think if anything your eyebrows look freshly plucked.

    You need a new camera or mirror or something..or maybe you’re legally blind and you could get governement money for that! LOLOL

    Love you anyways silly.

  3. Ems:
    … Thank you.
    … Seriously, I haven’t noticed your moustache in like two years, not since you pointed it out to me once. Maybe my love for you blinds me to such things, and that’s why you don’t notice my eye thing, too. ‘Cause you LOOOOOVE Me.
    … You might be on to something regarding the human being from my nether regions crushing my dreams— perhaps he destroyed my self esteem in the process?!

    I’m not really the type to fish for compliments; it puts me on the spot and makes me feel awkward to receive too many compliments at once. That said, I’m not one to catch a fish and then throw it back without pausing for a moment to be thankful I caught it with my mad fishing skills. So thanks for that.

    I love you too.

  4. I know! That’s why it was a joke!!!!

  5. OH yeah..I forgot one….your lips look very glossy. And (in true Donkey voice from Shrek) “I like your shoulders, those are nice shoulders.”

  6. very cute!! pic & hair! you are a hot mama as Abby would say!

  7. Jen: That shoulders part made me laugh.

    Charlene: Thank you! I tried to get Nick to say hot mama once in reference to myself, and he exclaimed, “No! You’re cold!” And I was super offended.

    Kidding about being offended, but he did say that. And to be completely honest, he also asked me if my hair was big or little and I said “Little” (meaning short for Nick) and he said, “Well I don’t like it little.”


  8. Nick is CLEARLY not an 80’s metal band man. 🙂

  9. DUH..I meant…CLEARY HE IS…wow..screwed that one up. thhhppp!

  10. love love love the hair….you are gorgeous regardless of hair style….and no your face is not fat and your neck is rather slim as well……never noticed the eye thing, still dont, maybe you got a bad batch of coffee….love ya

  11. Oh, for the love of God, child! I thought it was an awesome picture. I love your new hair. I’m fixing to get mine trimmed back to a shorter, more inverted bob again…but not going all-out short or anything. Again, I think it is a very pretty pic…but I always notice how one of my eyes opens wider than the other too, so I’ll forgive you this time.

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