Posted by: angelnorman | November 12, 2008

Dear Nicholas

 Stealing my kisses.

At four, you…

… take great delight in jumping in rain puddles, and see no need for rubber rain boots.

… love making me chase you all over the house

… are the cutest thing in your little cowboy boots. You seem to have inherited your dad’s love of shoes.

… enjoy picking out your own clothes and dressing yourself.

… are learning to buckle yourself into the carseat.

… enjoy a good game of hide n’ seek

… consider Jenson, Cash, Hayden, and Layla to be your best buddies

love going to school

… eatlike a bird, except when it comes to yogurt and then, wow, can you pack away some yogurt!

… really love The Beatles, and are always requesting them when we get in the car or whenever I’m watching videos on YouTube. If someone told me that my future grandkids would be named after the 4 members of The Beatles, I’d believe them in a heartbeat.

… never hesitate when you tell me that “Hey Jude” and “Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da” are your favorite songs.

… are CRAZY for McDonald’s and their happy meals. You can spot those golden arches a mile away.

… like the ABCs and 123s more than you ever have before! You’re always asking me what things say or how much those numbers represent. You are so curious about the way the world works, and you’re fascinated with road signs and asking me what every. single. one. means.

… think that the Power Rangers are awesome, and that they trump all other superheroes.

… love finding your own way to learn and grow; you’re very independent. I am convinced that school is the best thing that has ever happened to you, if nothing more than how it boosted your sense of independence! Sometimes I get sad when I drop you off (yes, still) because I will miss you all day… but I know you’re having a blast there on your own. I know that school allows you the opportunity to explore the world your own way, away from me and Daddy and all that we try to teach you. Sometimes, a boy just has to make his own way. I admire your way frequently.

… love hearing the story of how you were born and about how HAPPY I was to finally be able to take you home. When the story comes to that part, you’re always smiling up at me.

… still sometimes ask to be snuggled, and you sleep with your teddy bear Poley and an assortment of other toys and stuffed animals every single night.

… say “What the heck?” and “Whaaaa?” anytime I tell you something that surprises you. It makes me laugh a lot.

… enjoy seeing your family on a regular basis. You love that Gran and G-Diddy and all your cousins so much!

… are the first person to wrap your arms around me when I am sad or when I’m crying, and say to me, “Don’t be sad, Mommy.” You are so tenderhearted and sympathetic towards me, and you love bragging about how you can make me happy (mostly because I’m always telling you that no matter how bad my day was, your hug/ smile/ kiss/ laugh can really make me happy in an instant! You love hearing how much of a joy you are to me!)

… always answer, “Chuck E. Cheese!” when we ask you what you want for dinner. That, or “Garlic and Pizza”. And when we get you the latter, you always eat just the garlic butter!!!

… are the light of my life, my very own little gift from God, and the very reason that I feel I was put on this earth.

You are my everything, little guy. And these past four years have been the best years of my life, hands down; there simply is no comparison to being your mommy, to holding you in my arms, to laughing and dancing and acting a fool with you– no matter who is watching, to talking about poop and pee and making jokes that use either of them just to hear you laugh, to sharing secrets with you, to hearing “I love you, Mommy Bear!” each night when I tuck you in, and then to whsipering, “And I love you, Baby Bear” into the dark room with the little nightlight shining brightly by your bed. There is no fun party with friends, no great vacation, no amount of money or sport or hobby that could ever provide as much entertainment, as much fun, as much pure joy as being a mother has provided me. And I am so thankful for that, and for you, my sweet Nick. I love you so much!




  1. That is precious. Happy Birthdy again Nick!

  2. So sweet! What a wonderful Mom you are to a wondeful little boy!

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