Posted by: angelnorman | November 13, 2008

School pics, CEC dinners, and slideshows.

Family Birthday Dinner. Yay.

Last night, we had dinner at Chuck E. Cheese for Nick’s birthday. Despite appearances, he really had a good time ūüôā

I put more pics in the November gallery. Check back later; I may take some pics this afternoon of Nick’s little friends in his class eating some of the cookies we brought to class this morning to celebrate Nick’s birthday, and those of course will be added to the gallery then… if I can find some time between playing with all our new birthday toys and bedtime tonight, that is.

Also I updated the slideshow/montage of Nicholas to point to the One True Media montage, since the one was auto-playing and I couldn’t control it. I didn’t want to come to my blog and hear music (because often times, I’m already listening to music), so it’s gone. The montage will now only play when told to play. Yay for things that listen to ME.

Sidenote:¬†A lot of people have written to¬†me to say how¬†this montage¬†made them cry or get teary-eyed or something about how perfect the music was. My dad said he still got emotional after watching it for the fourth time, and my MIL wrote to tell me about how she happy-cried and shared it with all the ladies in her office. About the weepiness, I just want to say that I feel ya! Imagine being me and making such a tribute¬†to my baby like that, seeing how much he’s grown and trying to find the perfect music to put with it!!! I cried too when I watched my finished montage (and I’ve cried about 80 times since then), but I figured it was just because well, I’m his mama and that’s my little guy there. That part where it goes from him in the hospital to that first baby pic of him at home always gets to me! Those pics- the last hospital one and the one at home- were taken about two months apart (Dec 04 and then Feb 05)… and yes, he really did grow that fast.

Sorry in advance for the sentimentality and any weeping the slideshow may cause any of you to experience.

And last, but not least, I got Nicholas’s school pics back. Check ’em out…

He’s all “growed” up.



  1. Yay for OneTrueMedia….when I found that site a few years back..I couldn’t get over how well it captures the moment…and it’s FREE!!!

    Also, the pictures were great and I loved how you put it together. Thanks for sharing again! I’ve watched it a ton!

    Nick’s face is priceless.

    Thanks for inviting us out last night..we had fun! How is Nick’s hammer doing? haahhahaha

  2. Nick’s hammer is doing well actually. He has already forgotten he has it, though.

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