Posted by: angelnorman | November 18, 2008

Christmas, new cleaners, and a weird sort of insomnia

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately, where, in a huge majority of these blogs, I’ve noticed a great disdain for this time of year; in particular, I’ve read a lot of fussing about how these bloggers are exhausted from being bombarded with Christmas when it’s not even Thanksgiving, or how they are so over the commercialization of the holiday already. While I agree that much too much of the holiday focus is on the gift-purchasing, holiday sale, materialistic end of the spectrum, I sort of like this time of year where things are just sort of mashed together. I actually enjoy looking at all the garlands and Christmas displays in practically every store, even the drugstore, I enter.

Both Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to be one big two month-long celebration for my family, and I have realized lately that this thrills me. The first month is spent focusing on my blessings, and the second month spent focusing on the reason I have such blessings, which is, for those who are unaware, because of the birth (and then later the sacrifice) of my precious friend and savior, Jesus Christ. Who could ask for a better way to round out the year than by having two whole months of family get-togethers, dinners with friends, pretty candles and lights all aglow, trees decorated with meaningful ornaments and details?

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and gratitude. Christmas is a time of wonder and merriment. I find them going perfectly hand-in-hand with one another.

And why wouldn’t anyone want to start celebrating that as soon as they possibly can?


Here’s some more of what I love.

*Having something shipped to me. It’d be better if it were some sort of care package, but instead this is an order I placed at the beginning of last week and just got on Monday. I had almost forgotten that’d I even ordered it, what with Nick’s birthday and all that kept my mind on other activities, so opening the box was like opening a treasure.

*Not so thrilled with the initial scent, but I am loving the fresh smell afterwards.

*Hands down my favorite scented cleaner EVER. Normally I prefer the ever-so-girly geranium and the way it reminds me so much of my grandmother and her love of flowery things, but THIS, this lovely fresh basil scent that smells so sweet… Well this might just be what reminds my children of me when they’re grown ups. It’s definitely an Angel scent.

*Free candles with purchase of $30 or more. And in the relaxing scent of peppermint… with a hint of vanilla.

I love Mrs. Meyers. I wish I worked there and could get a discount, though.


I’ve been up since 2 am, after having gone to bed at 9 pm last night. I really hope that I’m able to nap at some point today, or I’ll be at my MNO tonight having to order double shots of espresso just to be able to hold my head up. Who sleeps for 5 hours and then develops insomnia? I am never ever well-rested after anything less than 8 hours, so I’m hoping today isn’t awful.

In other news, I’m going to watch the sunrise. How awesome is that? Crossing another item off that birthday resolutions list.



  1. I’ve not tried the Meyer’s cleaners yet! But I think I can justify it now b/c I’ve run out of just about every other cleaner. I have several 7th Gen and Method spray bottles filled with water and vinegar throughout the house at this point. It’s great, but just not the same. The basil scent sounds great!! I want to try that candle too but I better not!! I’ll just go buy one bottle…. in person. Yeah, that’s it!

    To answer your question… As a recovering hum bug, I will say that my reasons for hating the holidays really had very little to do with the actual holiday and more to do with my hating myself and the memories I had connected to the holiday season. Thanks to prayers and a lot of will power, I have fully recovered from that time in my life!! WOOOOOO hoo. I’m so glad. Now I can be that fun mom who creates family traditions and decorates before Christmas. I MUCH prefer it that way.

    Oh, and I just have to share this with you. We printed the “Wonder Pets” ones. Toooooo cute! A must do for any little gal or guy.

  2. Of course, I meant decorates before Thanksgiving.;)

  3. I knew what you meant 🙂
    I think that’s great, Mandy, that you’re recovering from your bah-humbug ways! I’m sure it’s very hard to come from where you’ve been and to still have that desire to celebrate, what with both holidays being so family-oriented and your family being in the situation its in. I am so glad that God has heard your pleas and has answered your prayers, my dear, because now that means that you are capable of instilling a love of all things holiday and all things family in your children. Tradition is so important, I believe, in not only giving us a reason to anticipate the holidays but also in creating a sense of security, a future sense of nostalgia, and an air of predictability with every passing year. It is what kids take with them into adulthood, you know? They will most likely remember every effort you make, more so than they’ll remember much else throughout the year. And that, right there, is a great success on your part! You should be seriously patting yourself on the back!
    And thank you kindly for the link! I love that pinecone candle holder! I think we may print the Dora ones.

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