Posted by: angelnorman | November 24, 2008


I was tagged on facebook to write a note and in said note describe myself with 16 random tidbits, habits, or goals. Afterwards, I was to tag 16 more people and tell why I chose them. I’m not sure I even know how to post a note on facebook, and I know for a fact that I do not know 16 people to tag at the end. On facebook, I have 69 (*snicker*) friends somehow, but if I were to tag any of them, it would simply be because I know they wouldn’t hate me for it.

So I’ll just put mine here. And I won’t tag you, but you can do this too if you want and I won’t think you were just being a copycat or anything.

1. When things happen to me that I do not expect and that I cannot control, it makes me cry. I cannot handle being overwhelmed in any shape or form.

2. I am somewhat obsessed with Christmas decor this year. Truthfully, though I claim that wanting to get away from it all and cuddling up by a fire with my sweetie as THE only reasons I want to go to Gatlinburg, what I really want to do is shop for more Christmas decor. That should tell you just how bad it is.

3. I’ve had a bad night tonight. It had something to do with me losing my marbles because I spilled a hot bowl of broccoli and cheese soup all over my hand, leg, and car. I wasn’t driving or anything… I was parked. I’m just that naturally clumsy, and tonight, that clumsiness resulted in me getting burned and then crying/roadraging all the way home while Mike looked on in horror and Nicholas asked me repeatedly if I was doing okay. I refused to eat the soup, and it is now in “time-out” on the counter, sulking probably about how it’s not to blame for my issue.

4. I think divorce is awful, really. I ran into a girl today who was once my stepsister. I find it really bizarre that she and I are no longer related and we live our lives as though they were never changed by that moment in time- almost a decade- that we were related. It doesn’t fit in with my view of how families work. I simply do not understand how it got that way.

5. This is much too hard for me, to list out this much stuff.

6. I don’t think anyone really knows me, and I don’t think they ever will. Sometimes, I find it bewildering when someone tells me about their version of me.

7. I have the song “River” stuck in my head.

8. I am not as interesting as anyone might think. Not interesting enough to really even hold a convo with, hence why I can never meet new people. I think I’m also really unapproachable. I may even come across as snobbish, but the truth is that I’m pretty compassionate and understanding. Unless you’re stupid.

9. I really love the color red lately. Everything I’ve bought has had red in it, I’ve noticed.

10. I am excited to go eat lunch with Nicholas tomorrow! We’re having a Thanksgiving dinner at his school, and I cannot wait.

11. I am anxious. A lot.

12. Seriously, I am struggling here. Maybe I’ll do more later.

Till then, go see my Christmas decor  pics. See? I need to add more to this collection of Christmas cheer.

I fully plan to.



  1. The snowman by the Diego toothpaste is my personal fav. LOL

    Sorry your night sucked…I laughed at the Brocoli in timeout though. It’s CLEARLY JEALOUS.

    And I don’t think anyone really knows anyone…(that’s the one on your list that stuck out to me.) Ecspecially if we’re women..we’re different everyday.

  2. Yeah I like the snowman too. I love you Angel

  3. I don’t think anyone really knows me either… except for maybe my hubby. And for a long time, I believed he knew me the very least. But it is starting to seem that he does get me. At least a little. I’m sorry you had a bad night. I really do want to get together soon. I am making little Christmas thingies and I want to see you next month at least!

  4. I think women are so obsessed with image and people getting them that they never just tell people who they are. We tell people who we want to be and how we like to see ourselves. Even the negative things we present as inheritly us are sometimes things we just hold onto.
    I really appreciate hearing how others see me. I think it’s a better gauge of who I am right now instead of who I was last week or who I aspire to be.
    That said I think people get me. I’m pretty simple. If I confuse someone they’re overanalyzing. 🙂
    I’m sorry you feel so turbulant right now. I’m sorry hot soup is out to get you. I hope you get to go to g’burg for some retail therapy. If not I will gladly kidnap you for some.

  5. Jen and Moma- Thank you. I love Nick’s bathroom. I want to do it in all snowmen!

    Ashlee and Mandy- I think no one can ever really know everything there is to know about some people, and that’s just all there is to it. While I can appreciate another person’s opinion of me (especially if it’s positive :D), I find it remarkable how often, for me at least, I am left wondering how or why someone thinks the way they do about me. I’m not saying I think it’s awful, just that it throws me for a loop sometimes, especially when I can’t say that I agree.

    I feel like I am pretty simple too, but then, sometimes not. And I could see why that throws people off.

  6. Do you agree that you are like the best Siggy Maker in the world? teehee.

    I couldn’t resits. And, get you or not get you…I just think you’re simply COOL

  7. Jen: I do not, lol. I do agree that the ones I make are cute… but best? Eh, no way. I’m sure a real scrapbooker who had access to better designs could blow me out of the water 😛 And thank you for thinking I’m cool. I think you’re cool too, hehe.

    Oh and Ashlee: I’d love to go shopping with you!!! Let’s do it, like, this weekend!!!! 😉

  8. i am glad i dont know everything about everybody, i get bored easily

  9. Shea..that was awesome!

  10. Or should I say…”Tous Shea” 🙂

  11. Buh-dum-chih! I liked the Tous Shea thing; that’s classic.

    And Shea, that’s an excellent point. I don’t think I would want to know everything about everyone that I know. I sometimes marvel at how it’s possible that after 12 years (almost) of being together, Mike and I are still learning things about one another on occasion. You’d think by now there’d be no mystery left, but there totally still is. That is thrilling.

    I do hate it however when I KNOW he knows something but somehow magically forgets it, and then it’s brought up and he’s sitting there all clueless and dumb like, “Huh.” Or when I behave a certain way, like say, when I behave like a raging bull and cry like a lunatic after spilling hot soup on my hand and leg and he’s all, “Calm down. You are going to have to pull it together!” And I’m like, “You know how I am, don’t act like you don’t know that I have no coping abilities!”

    Anyways, that’s not exactly what I was talking about in my blog. I meant the sort of thing where like, someone thinks maybe you’re not as much of a Christian as you feel you are, so it surprises them when they hear you speak of your faith. Or when you do something, let’s just say writing- you write something-, and someone says, “Wow, you sure can write well!” And you’re like, well yes, because I’m a writer. I love to write. How could you not know this?

    Those specific things didn’t happen to me, I’m just saying that when things like that DO happen, it surprises me a little that I’m still a mystery to some folks. That’s not to say that sometimes I don’t ENJOY being a mystery; it’s just to say that it sometimes catches me a tad off-guard 🙂

    As far as my personality is concerned, I am what I am; though I’m always changing and growing and maturing with every year and every experience, I am, at my core, the same ol’ Angel I always was. The big stuff never budges, and it never will.

  12. love the Christmas stuff & the fireplace! ha! that was great! Never thought about taking pics of my ornaments on the tree, that’s a good idea. Hope today is better for you! Have a great Thanksgiving & Bday!

  13. Charlene: I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Every year I toy with the idea of doing themed trees because I really like the idea of that. I can’t not put out some of my ornaments though, even though some of them do not match. I put them all out because they are special to me in some way… and then I take pics of them and enjoy looking at the pics and thinking about how special they are to me and why. For instance, the ornament with Jesus’s hands holding the cross… I love that ornament because I’ve had it since Michael and I got married. Somehow, some way, I sometimes manage to spot it first whenever I gaze upon my tree. My eyes just naturally land upon it, which I have always felt was sort of symbolic. It’s as if my brain knows to go there first, to acknowledge what I feel is the only reason to celebrate– the Truth, the Light, the Love of God poured out onto the world– before taking in the rest of the tree and the snowmen, the santas, and the glass ball ornaments.

    Have a good one!

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