Posted by: angelnorman | December 1, 2008

Christmas time is here.

Dinner’s in the oven, and I’m on the computer with Nicholas, sending Santa Claus an email. It reads a little like this:

Dear Santa, I want some roller skates, a game of checkers, the Star Wars Clone Wars movie, some battle droid action figures, an R2D2 and a C3PO action figure, and a stuffed doggy that rolls over and stands up on its legs like this (insert demonstration here.) Merry Christmas, Santa Claus. I love you! Love, Nick

Nothing on this list, by the way, is actually what we’ve already purchased for him. Awesome.

I’ve heard that Santa will be bringing Nicholas a make your own light saber kit and Mike and I have also purchased some books, a couple of movies, a Hulk action figure, and Pix-Os, which he begged for me to buy him on his birthday. That was to be all of what he was getting.

Every day Nicholas asks me about it– is today Christmas? (not today, but soon.)  is Santa coming tonight? (not that I know of.) can we open presents later? (yes, MUCH later.) We’ve been discussing St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children, and why Christmas is celebrated. We’ve talked in great length about the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and how God gave us a present when He gave us Jesus. Furthermore, we’ve talked about how some people are less fortunate, about how some children do not have toys, books, movies, or even mommies and daddies.

He’s asked questions, and we’ve answered. The only one that threw us for a loop was when we were watching Annie and he caught on to them singing about Santa Claus and how they don’t get presents from him. He said, “Why doesn’t Santa get toys for those girls?” And I wanted so badly to say something smart and logical, but really, there is nothing smart and logical about Santa. I hope one day to teach him that WE are Santa, that the spirit of gift-giving– which is all Santa really represents– is in everyone, and that it’s up to us to look to God first and then St. Nicholas second as an example of how we should give and do unto others. Others we love and others less fortunate. I hope to teach him that Santa isn’t real unless he (Nicholas) makes Santa real.

What we in this household know as “Santa” is a behavior and a feeling, not a person. That’s what my husband and I believe, anyhow.

But explaining that to a 4-year old without losing the magic is difficult to say the least. Either we come out and tell him the truth and risk him losing a little of his enthusiasm about the glam and glitter that surrounds Christmas, (not to mention running the risk of him telling his friends that believe wholeheartedly in Santa Claus that Santa is just a “feeling”–ha) OR we simply play along with it all for awhile, encouraging him to seek his own truth and instilling within him an appreciation for the REASON, not the method, behind it all. We choose to do the latter until Nicholas can make the important distinctions that need to be made. I think we’re doing a fantastic job so far, really. I think he understands what it means to celebrate Christ’s birth as well as show much happiness whenever we speak of the magic of Christmas in a secular sense; I really do believe he can see that Jesus is the reason and Santa is merely a method.

So Christmas is all we ever think, talk, and dream about anymore. It’s great, though. We love it. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, after all.

Also, my house smells like sugar cookies non-stop, thanks to some Yankee Candle goodness. It’s really making me want to bake. I just may bake soon and do some Secret Santa-ing, which is never as secret as I’d hope but which is so fun anyhow.

I’m thinking of hosting a little gathering soon… a hot cocoa party. Complete with marshmallows and tiny candy canes. Anyone interested?




    And we still need to do our Christmas Lights ride together!! Complete with bundeling, hot cocoa, and laughing. 🙂

  2. Yeah, there are some good houses in Smyrna to view. We saw some last night that were so great. Nick and Mike both even enjoyed it.

  3. I’d come to a cocoa gathering if it was a good night for Michael to watch the kiddos!

  4. When is a good night for you then?

  5. Milesy and Lo-Lo are obsessed with believing every morning is Christmas, too!

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