Posted by: angelnorman | December 2, 2008

Decking the halls a little more. And a video.

Today I changed my Christmas tree. I hear your moans. “Oh no! Not another Christmas tree-centric blog!” But I did it. And while this might not be this most important of topics to blog about it, you’ll have to admit it is remarkable how I fickle I can be especially when it comes to holiday swag. On some days, I love the elegance of a traditional tree and on other days, I’d prefer a tree all decked in white snowflakes. Sometimes I love the more “natural” feel with pinecone ornaments and cardinals on every branch, and then sometimes I prefer nothing but glass ball ornaments and lots of them.

Here recently, I’ve been wanting a pink and purple tree– a white (or heck, pink) tree base with all of my pink and purple girly ornaments. Oh, how I’d love that. But the problem there is that I can’t make it match the rest of the decor around the house. I can’t make my one and only Christmas tree into a girly monstrosity and forsake the reds and whites my boys love so much!

Combining them just wasn’t working out, though. My tree just didn’t feel “right” to me, no matter how many pics I took of it.

So I removed all of the pink and purple ornaments I’d hung on my main tree, and told Mike that he ought not be surprised if I don’t go and buy myself a 4′ white tree for our bedroom. As far as the big Christmas tree decor is concerned, I decided to keep it real. I went with mostly all red, white, and green ornaments (with some silver and gold thrown in for good measure– also because 90% of my ornaments are either of these two tones) on my main tree. This weekend, I inherited a red tree skirt with white furry trim from my step-MIL, and I set it out today to discover that it looks great underneath all of that now that I’ve removed my pink and purple.

I set Nicholas’s tree up on the dining room table since we rarely use it anymore, and decided to keep the decor on it very simple. It is mostly done in blue with snowmen ornaments being a huge percentage of its decor. I hung my garland, set my table for 3, and I’m feeling good about its decoration. No tablecloth this year, no placemats yet. But I think it looks good as it is. It looks so much better in here, honestly, without my girly flair.

I still have so much I want to do though. I want faux candles in every window, a cranberry or evergreen or some sort of wreath on every door. I want a snowman shower curtain for Nick’s bathroom or at least some towels and a matching rug. I want something Christmasy and/or glowing in every room, basically. It seems like an awful lot of work for just one month, but I think it would definitely be worth it.

And I WILL get my girly Christmas tree. I still have birthday money, after all.

Also… I want my yard to glow, as well. Nicholas and I are currently working on begging Mike something like every day to let us decorate the porch AT LEAST and honestly? I believe that he is *this close* to caving. He seems to be a little bit more “enthusiastic” about the decor this year– he even chose his own stocking. His is the one on the right.

You’ll never guess which is mine.


The language is a bit saucy for some, I’m sure, but Mike and I watched this last night and laughed our butts off. He’s not my favorite comedian, but he’s hilarious anyways. You have to see it.



  1. Looking Good!

  2. UGH..we’ve done nothing tonight..we’re so lazy. And your house looks so warm and Christmasy now!! I want to move in!!!

  3. Ashlee: Thanks bunches!

    Jen: Get up and get to it! It’s a lot of work, and at times, I would have preferred to just not do it, sure. But it is so cheery that it’s literally made me feel sooooo splendid tonight. I feel excited more about Christmas each time I add some more decor. I just love it. I hope you get yours done soon and that you feel cheery and love it too! 🙂

  4. Ronin and I want a pink tree with purple ornaments. They have one for $50 at Big Lots. If I wait until it is half off, it will be after the holidays. But come next Christmas, we’ll really need it to help manage the testosterone level in this house. Ack!!

  5. Oh, and we also watched Ricky Gervais last week and I almost blogged about it! I laughed so hard that my abs were sore the next day. Seriously, it was like the funniest thing ever. Totally tasteless and tacky. The best part, in my opinion, was “Why not have him…” and then something about a back. You know what I mean!

  6. LOL I love that that is your favorite part. That cracks me up.

  7. I think it was the delivery. Seriously, the way he kept building those up and the look he’d make in between speaking. It was brilliant! If only he would join the American cast of “The Office” it would certainly be what heaven is like.

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