Posted by: angelnorman | December 15, 2008

The “little things” (with pics!)

My list of little things that have tickled me pink today.

1. Candy Cane Shotglasses. Totally brill.

My secret santa bought Nicholas this and stuck it in my goodie bag, which she cleverly left in my car on Friday night. Though I went through everything in the car the night I was gifted my present, I didn’t notice that the shotglass was for Nick. Just as I was dreaming of peppermint schnapps and jolly drinks that would seriously lift my spirit, I saw the cute little snowman sticker on it addressing the glass to my son. Just as well… I don’t need to be drinking anyhow!

Nick liked it, too. And he is completely confused by the fact that someone we know is my secret Santa. He keeps saying, “Seekit Santa? Is it the real Santa?” or just, “How did she buy this for me?”

2. Having friends over to play Wii. And eat dinner and play with our birthday toys, etc.

Ems brought the boys over to play with Nick tonight, and we ate dinner, had cocoa, ate brownies, and played with the Wii all night long. They didn’t leave until past bedtime, so you know it was a good time. Nicholas really enjoyed having them over too, and he was POOPED by the time we said our goodbyes– he went straight to bed without giving us any problem. That never happens.

3. Reversable wrapping paper, also brill.

I bought this cute snowflake paper a year ago at Old Time Pottery before Christmas for like $1 a roll or something, but didn’t get around to using it because it just didn’t “go” with the rest of my glitzy, borderline tacky Christmas decor. I pulled it out today in the hopes of wrapping the grandparents’ gifts in it at least, and I learned that 1) it has a GREAT texture to it (like real, thick paper– not the silky thin kind wrapping paper typically feels like) and  2) it has a different pattern on the back that is super cute. I think all wrapping paper should be like this!

4. Hot cocoa with marshmallows.

‘Nuff said.

5. Early Christmas presents and a husband who spoils me with them.

Yay for WoW. And for Mike.

6. And though there’s no corresponding picture, I love it when people call me and ask me for craftng advice. It makes me feel like they trust me enough and value my opinion enough to ask for my help. I love it, and tonight my SIL called me to do just that. I felt important. And smart.



  1. So sad we missed out on the Wii fun! I got that same OTP wrapping paper last year! It was good stuff! I also love Nick’s cute little thermals in that first pic! When did I become the girl that ends every sentence with an exclamation mark?!

  2. I’m sad you missed it too! I have Christmas gifts for you and Layla to pass out, but for now, they’re just in my closet waiting till we see you…! And yes, I remember you buying the wrapping paper with me 🙂 I remember digging through that bin thingy with you and discussing what I loved about each roll I selected. Did you use that roll last year? I love it. I want to go and see if there are more rolls like that @ OTP today- perhaps in a different pattern– but I don’t have any $ so I’m afraid to go! I’ll end up spending too much $ I don’t have on the credit card or something, haaaa. Also… Nick’s pjs were from Old Navy. And I like exclamations because I like “happy”!!!

  3. Looks like fun! And I’m totally that girl who ends everything with an exclamation, just can’t help myself. 🙂

  4. If you mean the Wii… It so is. Have you guys ever played? Want to come over on NYE and bowl? Everly is totally welcome; it’ll be a family-friendly shindig. 🙂 If you’ve already got plans then though, you and I should try and get together sometime soon. I could even bring my Wii to you if it’s easier for you to stay in. Let me know!

    And I love exclamations! Your happiness is welcome here 🙂 Love you!

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