Posted by: angelnorman | December 17, 2008


This is not going to be one of those blogs that goes on and on about how I’m done Christmas shopping, or how I’ve got everything wrapped under the tree, or even how prepared I am with gifts for Nicholas’s teachers, our neighbors, and my friends alike. It’s not going to be one of those blogs because I don’t like making less-than-prepared people feel badly about their accomplishments… or lack thereof I guess.

Also, it’s not going to be one of those blogs because I’m one of those less-than-prepared people.

That’s right, I didn’t stutter.

My Christmas tree currently has 5 presents under/in it. Before I got sick, I got this sudden spurt of Christmas spirit and started wrapping things till I ran out of scotch tape and decided to call it a day. Blasted supplies! Just when I was feeling on top of things, I recall the fact that several months ago, I was supposed to buy tape. Also? I am nowhere near done with my Christmas shopping. I have at least 8 other people to buy for, including Nick’s gifts from the man in the big red suit. I haven’t even done much more than think about getting Nick’s teachers something, even though he came home with two brand new books from them (and a few gifts from his fellow students– wha?!) I’m basically waiting on Mike to get paid on Friday, but tomorrow is his last day of school. So I’m going to have to drag my sick butt out in the AM and cash my $15 birthday check from my grandmother to buy them something for $7.50 each. Nice.

I’m just really behind on everything, and last night I developed a sudden fever complete with chills and nausea. This morning, the stuffy nose came back, I’ve been having this urge to go potty but I can’t, and if that wasn’t enough, my whole head feels as though someone is squeezing it in a vice. Seriously. All of my teeth hurt. Every single one. I have managed to reduce my fever though with a motrin/tylenol regimen, so that’s good news. And I’ve learned that if I sit in the bathtub, it clears my head right up (change of pressure/a little steaming action maybe?) Afterwards my nose runs as opposed to being so closed up that it hurts to even attempt a sniff.

Also good news: despite being ridiculously off schedule with Christmas, I’m pretty confident this will be our best Christmas thus far. Now that I am sure Nicholas knows the real Christmas story in addition to his belief in Santa, I feel better about celebrating Santa’s place in our Christmas traditions. Funny how that works, really. It’s not that I was ever opposed to Santa Claus; it was just that I desperately wanted Nicholas to know what I know. I am a believer who is filled with the love of her Savior, and I merely want to share that (and all my Christian beliefs) with my child… no harm in that. I simply look at it this way– In questioning how to approach the man in the big red suit, I’m only doing my job as a Christian parent, really. And what I know is good and true. It’s a message of hope in a time of so much uncertainty! Who wouldn’t want to pass that truth on to everyone they loved, right?

Anyways, although I’m sure it will come across as a little contradictory, I’m sort of excited to celebrate with Santa, too. We will still talk all about Baby Jesus. Oh yes we will. And I will pull out my broken nativity if I have to and we will discuss everyone and what they could have felt, what true wonder they experienced. However… I think I will also leave some cookies for Santa again, and some food for his reindeer on our sidewalk. I mean, this may be the only instance where I can have my Christmas cake and eat it too! Nicholas is finally at an age where he can process all of it. It might not all make perfect sense to him, but he feels the Christmas spirit, I know he does. I feel like he gets it, and he wants to celebrate all of it. Well darn it! So do I.

And even more good news… Nicholas passed his follow-up hearing test. Since he was born two months premature, he is supposed to have occasional checks on things like his hearing and his vision because preemies have a higher risk of having impairments with their development. When Nicholas had just turned two, we took him to have a hearing test, and he just barely passed. This caused a little concern for the doctors because at the time, he was barely speaking as well. They recommended speech therapy, tossed about words like “autism” and things. It was such a scary/shaky time. Then, what seemed almost miraculously, he opened up at 27 months and just started talking up a storm. We cancelled the speech therapy, and the rest is history.

I mentioned to the doctor at his 4 year checkup though that he had barely passed that first hearing test when he was two and that he hadn’t had a vision check since he was an infant. So appointments were made and tests ordered, just in case. I’m so pleased to report that his hearing is fine!

The vision test is next month, so I won’t know anything about that till then.


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