Posted by: angelnorman | December 19, 2008

FAV: Christmas Edish.

Today’s video was chosen because:
1) Nobody does it like Karen.
2) I don’t understand the koala, but seriously her voice is the only voice I can hear when I think about The Christmas Song.
3) I love seeing her snuggle up with the koala on the couch without kicking off her shoes first. She’s in heels! On the couch? If I did that, I would probably stab myself in the shins and that, my friends, is not really conducive to relaxation if you ask me.
4) I really wish she wouldn’t smile at the koala and make it wave at the camera. But everytime I watch this video, she does it anyways! Apparently she didn’t get the memo that grown women snuggling with bears, even Australian ones, is not really Christmasy or sexy.
5) I like the set. It feels happy.
6) I really love The Carpenters.
7) And I love this song.


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