Posted by: angelnorman | December 22, 2008

Christmas time Nickisms and other miscellany.


Me (with threatening look, while trying to calm Nick down): Remember who’s watching you Nick.
Nick: (eyes widened and with a whisper): Jesus.
Me: Um, yes, and some one else. Someone who sees if you’re good or bad.
Nick: Oh, Santa. And God.

Jesus, Santa, and God. Our priorities are almost 100%. Heh.

Nick: Mommy?
Me: Yes?
Nick: How much did my Incredible Hulk cost**?
Me: Nick, don’t worry about it.
Nick: But how much did it cost, Mommy?
Me: About $20.
Nick (as if it were the most money he’d ever heard of): Twenty dollars?! Oh wow.

**Unfortunately, my niece misbehaved a little this weekend while they were opening their gifts from Grandma and Grandpa by noting how many gifts Nick had compared to her and being generally ungrateful. She’s only 5, so you know, it happens.  Anyways, Nick did have one more present than her because her presents were a little more costly. So Grandma said that since one of Alyssa’s presents cost more than Nick’s, Nick looked like he had more, but that they had spent the same, etc. Now Nick is obsessed with the cost of everything. I had to talk to him last night about it and inform him that he needs to think like a kid here. Cost is a grown up’s concern that he need not worry about, I said. But I do love that he knows $20 is a big deal.

“Santa” to a shy Nick: Hello! What’s your name?
Nick, in plain voice: Skates.
Santa: Skates?
Me: Nicholas (hoping Santa hears me), tell him your name.
Nick: Skates.
Santa: Well, Nicholas, what do you want for Christmas?
Nick: Skates.

I wonder if he saw that coming.

There are Christmas pics starting at the bottom of page two of the December 2008 gallery, with our Christmas carolling/gift distributing on Saturday afternoon.



  1. Girl, I can’t believe we didn’t talk about this today. Miles has driven me batty lately always asking if she got more than Lola at snacktime, announced she gets to go first since she older and smarter than Lola, etc.!

  2. Kids! They’re so peculiar, aren’t they?

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