Posted by: angelnorman | January 2, 2009

A Review of 2008, with pics!

January was all about friends and taking care of injured ones, as much silliness as we could fit into our schedule, craftiness, knitting my first shawl(!), learning I had PCOS, and organizing the house.

February brought our anniversary and Valentine’s Day, lots of little fun Valentine’s parties with our friends, a trip to IKEA in Atlanta/a visit with our friends in Georgia, a special romantic trip with my sweetness at our favorite spot in Chattanooga, and the beginning of home repairs (that are still unfinished, but that’s irrelevant.)

March consisted of more home repairs, Nick’s introduction to Star Wars, spring cleaning, easter egg hunts, egg dyeing, the cutest little Easter outfit I ever did see, special time with friends and family, and birthday parties for several of our closest friends and relatives.

April brought my sister’s 20th birthday, lots of time with family, my niece’s 5th birthday and her preschool graduation, special moments with friends, more birthday parties of our nearest and dearest, more house repair, bathroom makeovers, and Earth day.

May was all about volunteering as a couple and building picnic tables for local schools!, a mother’s day roadtrip to my favorite city sans kids, a birthday celebration for my friend Ems, spending lots of time enjoying family activities, celebrating my awesome husband’s birthday, roller skating at Kaden’s birthday party, enjoying time with the moms on Mother’s Day, potty training success, and heading to Gatlinburg with my in-laws.

June was teaching my mom to play Dominoes, the RC Cola and Moonpie Festival, going to my first wine tasting at a local winery, lots of swimming, trips to the zoo, signing Nicholas up for school for the first time, lots of time in our wading pool, the hubs’ big promotion/new job, celebrating all the dads on Father’s Day, and reconnecting with old friends.

July was of course all about the fireworks and spending time with friends in celebration of our nation, watching my son play drums like a pro, getting sick off two drinks and forever sealing my reputation as a lightweight, having a spa day with my friends, my stepdad’s 50th birthday, and learning to ignore my ever-expanding waistline 🙂

August brought with it lots of heat, my SIL’s baby shower and the birth of my nephew Jonathan, an impromptu roadtrip to Rock City, our first day of preschool, lots of fun playdates and birthday parties, the opportunity to connect with family, a sudden and unexpected surgery that kept us in the hospital for over a week (which ended up costing $43,000 and my sense of security, my sanity, and all of my calm), lots of prayer, lots of God’s love and mercy, the kindness of many people, and lots of gratitude. My cup truly ran over.

September was my mom’s birthday as well as the birthday of several of my pals, the return to a more normal schedule, apple pies, pumpkin bread, our second “first day of school”, registering to vote, a new radiator for the car, lots of trips to local farms, my very special day dedicated to my Granny (which brought about a real sense of healing for me), getting ready for Halloween, and lots of park time!

October consisted of spooks and frights, Ghouls at Grassmere, boatloads of candy, time with friends, my parents’ moving to their new home, a death in the family, getting a zoo membership, carving pumpkins, decorating the house for Halloween, and David Sedaris!!!

November was birthdays, birthdays, and more birthdays. Oh, and Thanksgiving! Okay, it was also a month that brought a new president(!), my son’s awesome robot dance, my new haircut and color, lots of family and friend time, a special trip to Chattanooga, an appreciation for Christmas lights, changing leaves, and for real sweater weather.

December was a whirlwind month that I still cannot believe is over. It was a month that consisted of Christmas galore, a surprise trip to Gatlinburg, an answer to many prayers, the celebration of Christ’s birth and His life, a real appreciation for the sacrifice made for me, a soft snow that gave us a reason to celebrate the winter weather, Nick’s first attempt at ice skating, enjoying our home, spending time with friends and family, a wickedly bad sinus infection on my part, and lots of love and warmth.

Though there were times when I was convinced that this was simply not our year, 2008 was a year that had more good times than bad. It was definitely a year I can celebrate. Yay for the good times!!!



  1. love love love it….best recap of 2008 i have seen thus far…

  2. Why thank you, Shea-baby. It was a good year. 🙂

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