Posted by: angelnorman | January 20, 2009

Weekend Recap.

About two weeks ago…
Me: So on Valentine’s day, some people go out to dinner together and Daddy and I will probably do that this year instead of going out of town.
Nick: Can I go to dinner?
Me: Hm, well, I guess Valentine’s Day is for you too. So yeah, you can go out to dinner with us.
Nick: Can we go to Chuck E. Cheese?
Me: Maybe, but it costs a lot of money.
Nick: A lot of money or teeny tiny monies?
Me: A lot.

Last week…
Nick: Can we go to the mountains?
Me: The mountains? Why do you want to go there?
Nick: ‘Cause I like playing games.
Me: Well I’m sorry, honey, but it costs a lot of money to go to the mountains.
Nick: Then can we go to Chuck E. Cheese?
Me: That costs a lot of money too.
Nick: More than the mountains?


This week at the mall…
Nick: Can I play games?
Me: You know I don’t have any money. I’m sorry.
Nick: But you have cards.
Me: But the games only want dollars.
Nick: Can you get some dollars from your card?
Me: Um… no.

Saturday afternoon…
Me: Mommy and Daddy want to take you somewhere special today. Want to go to Chuck E. Cheese?
Nick: Do we have money yet?

You will all be pleased to know that the boy finally got to play some games. He and I totally owned those bugs in that alien-shooting game we played together.


This weekend was spent pretty much spoiling the boy silly. We took him to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday and followed that with a trip to Toys R Us (we had coupons!), where we purchased some stretchy dragons and some Power Ranger figurines. He’s a little bit obsessed with dragons lately, we’re not sure why. One of the coupons we used at TRU was for the birthday club, so they insisted on giving him a balloon and a crown. I am pretty sure he now believes Toys R Us is the greatest place on the face of the planet.

Then tonight we took him to a very expensive dinner at J.Alexander where we indulged in the yummiest chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten; then to Build-a-Bear to let him make his own stuffed dinosaur, which he enjoyed stuffing himself. And he was the envy of all the children in the play area, sliding down the slide with his new friend Rex.

You’d have thought it was his birthday to see us do all this Nick-centric stuff, and he surely enjoyed himself as though it were his birthday. But we weren’t really celebrating anything at all except EVERYTHING…. from the cold weather that makes us yearn for the warmth of our home, to the warm clothes on our backs, or the money in the bank to pay off bills and be able to afford fun, and of course, the possibilities of happy days to come. You know… everything we have to be thankful for and then some.

Here are the newest additions to our family:

From L-R: John and Yoko (they’re the two-headed one on the left), Ringo (blue), Paul (in front), and George (the tall one in the back).

And this is Rex. Rex E. Stuffasaurus.



  1. now that sounds like fun! who doesn’t need a good old fashioned spoiling every now and then?

  2. That is wonderful! I love spoiling our kids! And you don’t even need money to do it! Thrift stores and yard sales thankfully make it possible for me to spoil my kiddos!

    Be sure and tell your newfound dragon lover that his pal Hunter is about to have a baby brother and that baby brother’s middle name means “Lord of the Dragons” because we are just cool like that!

  3. that sounds awesome!! It is so much fun to spoil your kids once in a while!!!

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