Posted by: angelnorman | January 26, 2009

sick child revelations

Me: (after lecturing about healthy foods and vitamins) And one day you’ll be big and tall.
Nick: Like you?
Me: Yes, like me.
Nick: And one day I’ll be a mommy.
Me: Well, no. You can never be a mommy. But you can be a daddy.
Nick: I don’t want to be a daddy. I want to be a mommy.
Me: Aw. (Feeling all happy he choose my role as clearly the most important one.)
Nick: Daddies go to work.
Me: Yes, and what to mommies do?
Nick: Um… (long pause.) They do nothing.


My poor child is sick today. All night last night, we were awake with him, escorting him to the toilet every 30 minutes or so, placing cool washcloths on his face, and filling his requests of more Sprite, crackers, or hugs. We literally did not fall asleep till the sun was coming up this morning. He slept for an hour and a half, and it began again. Poor kid!

There is nothing worse than having a sick child and not being able to help him, especially when he can’t rest.

It became clear to me this evening, while Nicholas drifted to sleep in my lap, that mommies are everything. It’s not that Nicholas sees me in the role of the person with the easy job, and that’s why he wants to be a mommy. He sees me as what I am– the person with the best job.

We are the bee’s knees, the cat’s meow. Moms rock.

Sometimes I falter in this role, my self esteem sags. I start to think maybe in this particular family unit, I don’t do my job very well. Perhaps this mommy is a bad example of how mommies should be. Perhaps I am, as I am only human. But then there are moments like today, when I hold him in my arms and whisper prayers of quick healing for him, that I know I’m doing something amazing… that I’ve been blessed to be a part of his life, that this opportunity to mother him is an amazing gift from God. With each request of my presence on every trip to the bathroom, it becomes increasingly clear that, for Nicholas, I fill my role as nurturing mom times ten.  I am a good mother. Even though I rarely feel like I’m doing that good a job at motherhood, it’s clear to me that he thinks I’m pretty much awesome.

I’m also pretty sure I learned it all from my mom. She is really nurturing like that too, and you know? This may explain why I still long for her to take care of me when I am sick! Mike just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, I need my mommy.

How awesome that he sees the gift that mommies have and wants to be like that one day, too.



  1. You are right! Mommas really are the bees’ knees! Hope Nick is better real soon!

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