Posted by: angelnorman | January 27, 2009

if only.

In my imaginary life, I wake up every morning with the sun, and I pray a few words of thankfulness before my feet even hit the floor. I am a mother, with lots of babies- five of them, and along with my husband Mike, we are all living happily in an old farmhouse that we’ve completely gutted and renovated with newer things that only look rustic and romantic, except for the old farmhouse sink in the laundry area. We left it because it felt right at home under the window in the laundry room. And yeah- in my imaginary life I have an entire room dedicated to laundry. I am convinced I would hate it less if only I had somewhere other than my living room to do it. We live in a place where it’s sunny, but never too hot, for 3/4 of the year. In the winter, we get lots of snow and build snowmen, ice skate on the frozen pond, and sled down the big hill across from our house.

My husband works from home, and I handle all the housework. When my babies nap, I garden. In my imaginary life I have a tremendously colorful and overgrown garden! I sometimes sit there in a large red adirondack chair with my morning coffee or my latest knitting project or with a sleeping baby in my lap and enjoy the colors that surround me. My hands are practically always buried in the earth, tenderly planting new life to enhance and sustain the ones I love. Or they’re wet, and hanging even wetter clothes on a clothesline to dry in the sun.

I wear a sundress, sandals, and a big floppy hat practically every single day. Even while sweeping floors and cleaning toilets.

Nicholas and I spend hours every afternoon lying in the cool grass, with the warm sun beaming down on us, and looking for shapes in the clouds above our heads. We swing on tire swings, feed the ducks at the pond, and he and his brothers and sisters all help me bake, cook dinner, feed the chickens, and walk the dogs. We are amazingly active. We eat mostly fresh foods- raw carrots, zucchini, and tomatoes and other things we’ve grown with our bare hands- and we dance every night around the house before bedtime to The Beatles.

I make candles, cookies that are packed with good-for-you things, and quilts. I have made every quilted bedspread in my house. In my imaginary life, I am an excellent seamstress as well. I make handbags, diaperbags, and totes for everyone I know every holiday.

In my imaginary life, I go to church every Sunday and every Wednesday night. It’s a very small church, with about 100 members, and I sing in the choir and am well loved by everyone who attends.

In my imaginary life, I am never sick. Neither are my kids. No one needs any medication. We all rely on vitamins and nutrition for our good health. Our doctors don’t marvel at how healthy we are, as this is the norm for everyone in my imaginary life. There is very little disease in my world. No one dies of anything except old age, becaus ethey’ve done everything they have ever wanted to do and now they’re ready to be with Jesus. Everyone knows Jesus in my imaginary life. Everyone is peaceful, no one argues about politics, and instead, we share recipes for homemade soups and stews, gravies and biscuits, and we debate only about art and how it influences us.

We take baths in clawfoot tubs, eat a little apple pie every day, watch the sun rise and set, read books every night before bed, and we pray a lot. We’re always thankful. We play Scrabble for family game night and we laugh when one of us tries to invent words, and we watch movies that make us feel closer to one another, glad to have each other. We have family over every Sunday after church for a big meal and many large pitchers of sweet tea, and we never shy away from having our pictures made. We’re almost always content, in my imaginary life. 



  1. sign-me-up

  2. This sounds surprisingly similar to my ideal world.

  3. Sounds a lot like what I would love to have. I would love a much simpler life where family was the center. Where mom could stay home with lots of babies. Especially the part of an old farm house that’s been renovated, I def. dream of that one. Anyways, maybe one day…

  4. And I forgot to mention…in this dream world, I would make all of my own baby food. And cloth diaper all my children, and of course I would make all of my own cloth diapers. Things I wish I could do now that don’t fit well into my busy schedule 😦

  5. We can all be neighbors. 🙂

  6. You forgot that you’d be a short walk from the downtown of a quaint small town’s historic main street where your friend Ashlee operates a coffeshop/bookstore by day /local music venue by night. And she lives nearby in an eco friendly house with a greenroof and lots of local art and four kids and lots of rescued pets. 😉

  7. Ashlee: and the spot displaces local artists’ work, sells used books, and serves simply yet delicious healthy meals. yeah, that’s my dream too. well, one of them. i have so many!

  8. First and foremost, in my ideal world, I’m asleep right now because my tummy doesn’t hurt. Do you have any Pepto?

    In my world, I’m in college, earning my Bachelor’s Degree in English. I finish in 3 years.

    I have a man, and I want to marry him. I’m just waitin’ on him to propose (I’m old-fashioned, and he’s taking forever!). I have an amazing job that pays incredibly well. I work from home and still have time to clean the house, cook 3 meals a day, and earn another degree. Probably in Psychology. I have a lot of friends, and several who are very close, like an extended family. I get to travel quite a bit, and I divide my time between Tennessee and Nevada. Why Nevada? I have no clue. It’s just kinda randomly stuck in there.

    And then I earn another degree. Or maybe I become a registered nurse…just for the heck of it.

  9. I really love to hear about what sort of lives you guys dream of leading. So now the question becomes… what’s stopping us?

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