Posted by: angelnorman | February 1, 2009



Me, old bedroom. Imagine brown carpet and you will have a much better idea of the absolute dungeon I spent my teenage years in. No wonder I was crazy; the lack of light still makes me cringe.

Yesterday I went to Old Hickory, back to the home on Bryan Street where I lived for a decade of my life. My mother and stepdad were cleaning out their attic, and my presence was requested so that I could see if there was any part of my childhood I still wanted to hang on to, for whatever reason I might. Everything I chose fit into two boxes.

Why yes, that is a Luke Perry doll and a Cabbage Patch Kids AM radio.

I didn’t get to go through all the Barbies. I thought it only fair to wait for Courtney. But Luke was mine. MINE. So I took him.

I will also be taking all my Jem and Barbie and the Rockers dolls.

Speaking of dolls, I also insisted upon these:

…because I still remember their names. Every single one except the weird Spanish doll and the Hugga Bunch gal.

I requested that Michelle take this pic of me.

It didn’t make me sad at all to be there, though I was a little sad to go through all these awards I had won as a child for outstanding performance in school… and then I ended up dropping out of college. It was neat, though, to be reminded of how intelligent I once felt, ha. Also cool was reading my “school years” book that was filled with all my report cards and seeing that I wanted to be a doctor practically every year– except kindergarten, where I wanted to teach, and 1st grade, where I wanted to be- get this- a firefighter.

I couldn’t believe my mom didn’t want to keep any of my stuff though, you know, to remember my childhood or anything. I took most of the good stuff with me and no one tried to stop me. She kept my first doll, which was a Holly Hobby doll, and I’m not sure if she kept anything else. I took all my old school pictures (oh yes. they will be scanned.), my report cards, my awards, my baseball cards(!), and framed pictures of my childhood. Aren’t moms normally supposed to keep those sort of things and then the kids want the fun stuff like the dolls and all? Ha. In 24 years, maybe I’ll be willing to let go of Nick’s stuff too, who knows? But I doubt it. I still have to fight the urge to go rummage through my garage and find all that baby stuff, those tiny diapers, his little BP cuffs, things that I got from Baptist Hospital, etc. I know exactly where it is, and I can imagine every little piece of it. It’s too sentimental, I know. But he’s my first baby, my first love.



  1. hi!!! i really like the dolls!!!

  2. hey! OMG! i had forgotten about Hugabunch! Wasn’t that a show or something? WOW, didn’t know they made Luke Dolls! I LOVED THAT SHOW & LUKE!!!! cute pics! I can’t believe your parents moved out of OH! Seems like a lot of people have moved from there, It was going down hill quick when we left! anyway those pics took me back to my childhood! I too was smart & dropped out of college, funny how that works out. Anyway I don’t think I’ll be able to get rid of Abby’s stuff either! But who knows, I remember when my Mom gave me some of my stuff from when I was younger. I have actually given Abby one of my dolls from then. It’s cool to be able to pass that stuff on to your kids!

  3. I think your mom ‘didn’t want to keep’ stuff because she wanted you to have it. I loved my Cabbage Patch dolls, regular Barbies and Barbie and the Rockers, too! Did you ever have any Glamour Gals? They were like the 80’s version of Polly Pockets. I even had the GG Firebird car! Yowza!

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