Posted by: angelnorman | February 2, 2009



Meet Roscoe. Roscoe Leeroy Brown Norman. (He became a Norman when I did).

Roscoe is a pure bred chihuahua, with papers to prove it. He’s not a toy or teacup chihuahua, so don’t expect some tiny little dog who yips and yaps all day. Roscoe is tough and bulky; people are always commenting on how “fat” he is, but truth be told, he is only 3 lbs overweight. (His brother Alex, on the other hand, is about 7 lbs overweight.) He has big soulful eyes, eyes that make you question the common belief that animals do not have souls (which I think is rubbish anyways; my dogs have lovely souls, thank you very much).

Roscoe’s hobbies include chewing on rawhide bones (and Nicholas’s toys), hiding under his mama’s desk, play fighting with his family, sleeping in the warm sunshine, giving high-fives, sniffing everyone who walks in and trying to get them to pet him, running to greet his daddy when he hears the key in the door, humping things, jumping on the coffee table and eating any scrap foods that might be there, and hiking his leg on everything. He also enjoys long walks and going outside.

His dislikes include people who try to hug his Mama, larger dogs who think they can bully him, the doorbell, strangers, someone knocking on the door, people leaving the house without saying goodbye to him, taking baths, and children. Roscoe pretty much hates all kids, especially if they’re shrieking and loud.

Children, that is, with the exception of Nick. Roscoe loves Nicholas, and Nicholas definitely favors Roscoe. Roscoe allows Nicholas to hug all over him (even though it’s almost always too rough), to aggravate him and to take his bones while he’s chewing on them. He also allows Nicholas to pet him while he’s eating. He is a very, very good dog.

This year he will be ten years old, and we’ve recently learned that he has arthritis. I am very sad for my poor Roscoe, who up until we got him some pain meds this weekend, has been hobbling around everywhere like the little old man that he is. The vet also suggested that we have what we thought was a hemorrhoid removed because it turns out that it’s a tumor. They’re not sure whether or not it’s cancerous until they remove it.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I’d be pretty much devastated if something ever happened to my Roscoe. I can remember when we purchased him like it was yesterday. We drove all the way to Westmoreland to have our pick of any of these beautiful tiny dogs that we wanted. I was petting a lovely fawn colored pup when Mike announced, “This is the one.” I turned and saw a tiny brown puppy nuzzling into Mike’s neck. I stood and touched him and he looked over at me. I agreed, and so we paid the man $250 and moved Roscoe into our home in Bordeaux. He’s been our baby ever since.

He does tricks (like giving me fives, rolling over, sitting, laying), he plays and fights. Alex doesn’t do any of this. Alex will let you snuggle with him more, sure. But he isn’t as fun as Roscoe is, not at all. And he licks all over you, whereas Roscoe respects the fact that no one likes dogs to lick their faces… except Nicholas. He’s such a happy dog, though. It’s so sad to think that I won’t have him forever.

Because I am pretty sure no animal has ever loved me more than this dog does.

*We haven’t decided yet when we’re going to do the surgery. Unfortunately, it’s a bit costly. The vet has assured us that most of the time, tumors on the anal area are benign and that as long as we don’t see it grow, it’s probably okay. The bad news, though, is that even if it’s removed, there’s no guarantee that it wouldn’t just come back. So we’re still trying to figure out what we’re going to do. Roscoe is in no pain with the tumor, and is still having normal bowel movements. Trust me on that. My front yard looks awful.*



  1. Well of course animals have souls!!! And I STILL refuse to believe that God won’t let them into Heaven. Pfft. Please.

  2. awww poor Roscoe! I hope he’s ok! We had a dog named Roscoe, when I lived at home, he was a miniature sheltie (he looked like a little lassie) I loved that dog so much! we had him about 10 years and he got cancer and had to be put down! it was awful, but his cancer was very obvious and he couldn’t walk or move well any more and cried/howled every time he did! It’s funny how attached you get to dogs! Anyway I’m glad you have him and hope he gets better! Where did you go to do the pic of him? I love the pic you took by the way, it is sooo good!

  3. Bless your heart! I dread the day something happens to my beloved Sarge. When I was pregnant with Miles, I had a dream that he died and I was devastated for a good two days, crying and crying at the realization that the day would come at some point. We’ll pray for Roscoe. I am pretty sure that Miles and Lola will be more than happy to pray him, as a matter of fact!

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