Posted by: angelnorman | February 10, 2009

prayers please

I’m asking that any of you who pray please join me in prayer for my cousin John who was in a terrible motorcycle accident today. He was lifeflighted to Chattanooga, where they’ve determined that he has broken his neck and his collarbone. As of right now, we’re uncertain whether or not he’s paralyzed, though my mom said she heard he moved his fingers. I will provide more details when I have them; until then, please just remember him, my (other) uncle John- his dad- and his sister and mom in your prayers.


Thanks in advance.

 Update: In ICU at Erlanger; is stabilized and not paralyzed.

 Update 2: He broke his 1st, 3rd, and 5th vertebrae. It was his friend’s motorcycle, it happened about a block from where they live in Cookeville. Also, this weekend, Jogn’s sister Stephanie was in a car accident. She and her boyfriend flipped their just-paid-off car and it caught fire! Lukily, they were able to escape the car quickly with minor injuries. Tough times though for this family! Keep praying, please.

Update 3: They’re talking about sending John home tomorrow (!) because of lack of insurance 😦 He isn’t even able to walk yet. More details soon I hope. Prayers appreciated!



  1. Goodness Angel. That’s scary stuff. I will certainly be praying.

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