Posted by: angelnorman | February 18, 2009

because i’m procrastinating

Love that red. Need new pics/artwork though. And definitely a new clock.

Roscoe is fine. His surgery went well, and although he came wobbling in here this afternoon as high as a kite (seriously, where can I get me some of that good stuff?) he is hopping around and is almost 100% again tonight. He’s hungry and thirsty, the poor guy, but we’ve been instructed to not let him eat too much unless we want to be scrubbing vomit out of the carpet all night. Which we do not want to do. So the food and the water bowls are on the dining table far out of their reach… Alex is looking at me like, “HEY! I didn’t do anything to deserve this!” I may have to lock Alex in my room to let him eat.

Bloodwork was done while Roscoe was under the knife today and as if he didn’t have enough maladies, he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism! That’s what I take my synthroid for, so I find this really strange. We’re going to be like those pictures you see of dog owners who look like their dogs… except our similarities are not in appearance but in the disorders we have! In all seriousness though, I hope I don’t get a butt tumor.

Today I took Nick to a local McDonald’s to let him play and have lunch. I prayed before our meal, and afterwards Nicholas proudly announced, “I didn’t pray!” I explained to him that he ought to be thankful and give thanks to God for the blessings we receive or maybe God will get tired of us not thanking him and stop giving us good things. This has no biblical reference at all- it is something I totally made up by taking the basic thought behind using your talents or losing them, etc. (I know, God doesn’t like lies.) Anyhow, he thought for a moment on this and he said, “Hey, let’s do it again.”

I bowed my head and closed my eyes. “Go ahead,” I urged him.

“Please help Roscoe with his surgery,” he said suddenly. “Amen.”

I. could’ve. cried.

Instead, I smiled and said amen, and began to eat my lunch.

The whole point of this was to say that the sweetest, most genuine and selfless prayer I’ve ever heard muttered by a child was answered, and I’m thanking God for all of it.



  1. I’m glad the day went well with Nick and Roscoe too. I hope his recovery goes well.

    LOVE the red in your living room. It looks fabulous! One day, we’ll remodel our home to resemble that of the HGTV Channel. You’re just about there girly!

  2. you make me laugh (butt tumor & dog/owners being alike) ha ha ha! Glad roscoe is doing good. Nick is so sweet what a precious little prayer!

  3. The prayer is so precious and SO Nick!!!

  4. I will pray that you do not get a butt tumor…lol That would be really uncomfortable!

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