Posted by: angelnorman | February 18, 2009

woof, pt. 2

Last week, I was laying on the couch partaking in one of my favorite activities these days– late night tv watching– when I noticed that Roscoe was turning ’round and ’round, his nose trying to reach his rear end. I sat up to see what he was doing and that’s when I noticed my carpet looking a little like a battlefield, with little light (but fresh) blood stains everywhere. To say I was disgusted is to say that John Cusack is “interesting” or that Will Ferrell is “funny”. I mean, it’s a gross understatement if there ever was one.

So while Michael put Roscoe in the tub and cleaned him off, I was scrubbing my carpet with vinegar and baking soda (at one-thirty in the morning, mind you.) That’s when I decided that it was much too much trouble to not take Roscoe to have his tumor removed. We finally got him to stop bleeding, and we managed to clean up all the spots on the carpet, but the poor guy had to spend extra time in his kennel (his crate) until we were sure he wouldn’t bleed all over the place. I looked online to read more about this tumor on his hiney and I learned that it was actually the most common type of tumor in a dog over 8 years of age, and that it was typically caused by an abundance of testosterone. Their recommendation? Have him neutered to decrease the chances of it coming back.

The next day we called our regular vet, and they told us that in two weeks they could operate on him. It would be $700 plus the cost of neutering, which could be as much as $100 more they said. Being a little concerned that we weren’t getting the best deal, we decided to call another local vet and have them examine Roscoe.

Mike took Roscoe to the new vet last Thursday. They did a very thorough check on him. “He has a bad coat. Has his coat always been this coarse?” they asked. Mike told them that Roscoe’s hair had indeed always been coarse like that, that when we bathe him he barely looks wet. “Also, did you know he had a bad knee?” They went on to explain that his kneecap was out of place (!) so all his ligaments are twisted. Their best guess as to why his kneecap is out of place was that he was born with a shallow knee bone, and it would slip in and out of place regularly. Over time, the ligaments adjusted to hold the leg together basically and now you couldn’t even get it back into place without surgery. So basically, Roscoe has a kneecap that is slipped off to one side. Of course, they recommended that we didn’t do surgery and instead put him on a Glucosamine-like medicine to combat the arthritis.

Then the vet tech says, “Did you also know he has a heart murmur?”

If right now you’re thinking, “Oh my goodness this poor dog!” Yeah. Welcome to my world.

So they took him for an x-ray to see if his heart was enlarged, because they were worried about heart disease, and it turns out that his heart was rounded which showed some signs of swelling. They recommended we put him on heartworm meds right away.

So basically Roscoe has a bad coat, a dislocated kneecap, a heart murmur, arthritis in his back, and a tumor on his bottom. Roscoe is officially an old man.

The vet’s office was super kind though and they’re removing the tumor and neutering him (as well as updating his shots and cleaning his teeth which are notoriously bad) today for less than $400. (I will never ever go to the other place again!) In a few weeks, they’ll also be working on Alex. We’re so happy to have found a local vet who cares for our animals as much as we do but doesn’t charge us an arm and a leg for it.

I’m crossing my fingers that Roscoe comes through the surgery just fine. As I mentioned before, I would be awfully devastated without him here. So would Alex, I’m guessing, because he’s walking around this morning like “What am I supposed to do all day while Roscoe’s gone?”


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