Posted by: angelnorman | February 19, 2009

he loves me. he really loves me.

Needlepoint by my super mother-in-law.

Disclaimer: I asked Mike to do today’s post because most of you have been reading my blog for years and have always heard about my wedding or anniversary from my point of view. He of course hated the idea at first but then he took the time this afternoon to sit down and write me a letter about how he felt when we married, and I swear to you I will cherish this forever. He is so great, this man of mine. Here is an excerpt from his letter which I was given permission to share with the world!

The day/weekend of the wedding was a disaster from my perspective.  I was a nervous wreck.  I felt like I was hopped up on some kind of medicine, and everything was zipping by me at 100 miles an hour.  I remember getting dressed in the hotel room with my dad, and trying to figure out all the tux attire and where all the buttons and straps go.  I remember looking at myself in the mirror and thinking that I didn’t look half bad.  When we left the hotel room, I nearly backed into a parked car as I came out of the parking space and had to jam on the brakes at the last second to keep from it.  I remember the look on my dad’s face.  That “you better calm down or we are all gonna die on the way there” kind of look.  Oh and about halfway there I realized I forgot the wedding music that was going to play during the wedding and had to race back to get it.

When we finally got to the wedding chapel, I was even more nervous.  I was sweating, even though it was freezing from what I remember.  I don’t really know what one is supposed to be thinking about during a wedding, but I don’t really remember thinking about anything except for trying to stay calm and it not working very well. 

I remember the music playing, wasn’t it playing while you walked down the aisle?  I remember that it went for a REALLY long time, and we were both uncomfortably standing up front with this awkward glance at each other every so often.  I remember my mom crying her eyes out, and it making me sad for her.  I remember how you decided to defy all tradition (I’m sure its done often, but still) and had your mom and your dad both walk you down the aisle.  I always respected that and thought that was really cool how you involved both of the most important people in your life.  I remember you walking down the aisle and me not able to do anything but stare at you.  You were so beautiful.  I have no idea what I was thinking at that point, but a serene calm came over me as you walked down the aisle, and I knew that everything was going to be ok.

We said our vows and I don’t remember any of it at all.  I remember the preacher very clearly, and now that I think back, Wolf Blitzer from CNN reminds me alot of what he looks like in my memory.  I remember after the ceremony him giving me the certificate and saying things very deliberately that were probably really important, but I don’t remember any of it. 

Sometimes I really wish that I was able to give you a proper honeymoon where we run off to some far away place with nobody there but us.  But then again, we had all of our family that we love so much there with us at the start of OUR life.  For that to be such a critical moment, I don’t want to take it back. 

I remember you looking lovely in your veil walking around downtown Gatlinburg with everyone honking at you as they drove by, and me feeling a sense of pride that it was my wife they were honking at.  I remember that feeling distinctly.  That this was right, this was how it was supposed to be, we were meant to be together.

From the moment you walked down the aisle and forward, I have felt a sense of “home” when I’m around you.  You bring out the best in me.  I enjoy your company, whether it is playing games together, bowling, watching TV, or just drinking coffee.  I share everything with you and have no regrets about it.  When you go out with your friends I find myself thinking “Well what am I going to do?”  I feel lost without you and hate it when we are apart.  Most of the men I’ve worked with complain about their wives, and I can honestly say that I’ve never had anything really to complain about.  You are my best friend as well as my lover.  We have definitely had our rough times, but we have had our wonderful times too.  I would never take back any of our rough times, because it’s like you said to me the other day, it shows that we can go through the worst and know that we always have each other. 

I’ll end the rambling now, and just tell you that I love you and wish you a happy anniversary my love! 

Sweetest. Boy. Ever.

Notes: Yes, they played “Amazed” way too long, but not when I walked down the aisle. They played it during the unity candle ceremony and it went on for about 2 minutes after we’d lit the candle together. Awkward! Also, the guy looks slightly like Wolf Blitzer or at least his hair does, but I don’t remember any of our vows either.

All I know is that I do, even still, promise to serve you to the best of my abilities as your wife… forever and ever amen. There is no tropical locale that could improve the way I feel about you and about us, either. Everything I’ve ever needed, you’ve given. That means more to me than anything else in the whole world.

I’m so lucky that you found me before some other guy sweeped me off my feet! HA.


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