Posted by: angelnorman | February 23, 2009


I am a sucker for quilts.

Quilting is a really fascinating craft that has always been on my list of things to learn to do before I die, but time and time again I just can’t seem to get the hang of my sewing machine to sew even the most basic things. You can forget about very detailed things like my great-grandmother made (see picture above). The backs of quilts always impress me the most; I love looking at the stitching pattern the quilter used and I can always see it more clearly from the back of the quilt as it’s usually unpatterned or less “busy” than the front of the quilt. For most people, the front of the quilt is the main attraction, the best part. The fabrics are what matters. For me, though, I am always flipping it over or looking for that stitching. It’s my favorite part, and sadly the part that requires the one skill that eludes me the most.

However I think if I knew how to quilt, I’d spend all my extra money (the little that exists) on fabrics to make a quilt or 800, so it’s probably for the best that I am yet to learn quilting. I do not have the budget or the space to store all the fabrics I’m sure would strike my fancy. Because although the stitching is my favorite part of the quilt, I’m also a sucker for a beautifully pieced together quilt.

Some of the quilts I inherited from my grandmother were ones made by her mom, my great grandmother Effie. I wonder sometimes if she made them for fun or if it were by necessity that she was a quilter. I wonder if her mother taught her to quilt or if she sat down one day and taught herself, and I wonder if these were made when she was young or when she grew older, perhaps as a hobby to fill her time after her husband passed away. I wish someone who knew was still around so that I could ask. The thought of her handstitching something beautiful or sitting in front of a sewing machine for hours stitching out that beautiful design above truly inspires me.



  1. i-can-quilt—-i-have-made-3

  2. I too wish I could quilt! I love them!! Maybe one day!

  3. Shea: bragging is not nice 😛 Just kidding, girl, although I am still totally jealous. I think that’s awesome. Also? I think you should teach me.

    Charlene: if Shea teaches me, I’ll teach you. So how’s about you get onto Shea for me and make her teach me? 😀

  4. I’ll teach you!…Well, the basics, anyway. My mom knows the elaborate stuff, I think. I’d rather crochet or sew by hand.

  5. Aha! Please do teach me the basics. I’m determined to learn!

  6. Hey, my mom quilts. She’s made one for each of the kids. You should get with her. She’s gotten rather good with her sewing machine, too. I can make a hem, but that’s about it. I use my sewing machine for paper crafts more than for fabric crafts. LOL

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