Posted by: angelnorman | February 26, 2009

Stuffed stuff.


We really tried to clean out Nick’s closet. Really, we did.

You see, Nicholas has a thing for stuffed animals. He always has. Perhaps it is somewhat my fault that he has this great love of stuffed stuff, since he’s pretty much had them aorund him his entire life. I learned a week or so after he was born that he was allowed to have an animal and a blanket from home in his incubator, so of course I made sure that Levi, his praying doggy, was right there with him always. Maybe as an infant, he saw this and the love of all things stuffed began right there– all thanks to me.

For weeks, his stuffed animal storage has been lying on his closet floor, unable to hang because it literally weighed more than the velcro hanger could support. So Tuesday night, we sat in his floor and went through each and every animal, deciding which would stay and which would go. Needless to say, we didn’t get far.

Not surprisingly perhaps, every single one I held up to him was a keeper. It became quite comical to watch him study the animal and then say, “I want it” time and time again. The keep pile was in his lap, and soon the pile on top of him covered almost his whole body. All I could see was his feet wiggling underneath the animals, and his face mostly hidden beyond the pile.

We managed to reorganize the closet anyways, somehow, and no stuffed animals were harmed, betrayed, or fired in the process.



  1. i love this picture!!

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