Posted by: angelnorman | March 4, 2009


Last night we had our friend Jenson over for a sleepover. It was Nick’s first time having overnight guests in a planned sleepover sort of way; the last time Jenson stayed over, it was because his mommy was going into labor, or so she thought at the time. Unfortunately though, we’re all getting sick (blasted Tennessee weather) and although Nick is still playing, he’s also lying around a bit more than normal, a sure sign that he’s not feeling that great. I was hoping it would be the Best. Sleepover. Ever. and that Nicholas would be at picture perfect health so he could enjoy the experience even more, especially since it was he who innocently stated just a few days ago, “I want Jenson to come and stay at my house.” Being that it was his idea, his desire for his friend to stay the night, I wanted the experience to be awesome and without the sickies. Oh well.

We’re taking Robitussin DM and resting instead of running around the house like lunatics; I’m sure this pleases Mike as he’s working from home. But this is not like sleepovers I remember. I have very fond memories of running amok all night long, until I dropped like a rock in my sleeping bag. Maybe one day soon, we’ll try again! I’d like that very much, and I know Nick would too.

So at naptime, I put Jenson in Nick’s bed and Nick and I curled up together in my bed. Nick and I definitely needed the nap– I’m battling a headache that won’t go away (I’ve had it since the weekend; pretty sure it’s sinus problems because my nose is stuffy/runny too) and of course Nick has been coughing his head off and he also has had the sinus congestion. Soon, I heard a little voice from the living room. “I need to go potty,” Jenson whispered into my bedroom. He inspected us, and it seemed he knew I had been rubbing Nicholas’s head and talking about our day. After he had done his business, Jenson climbed in the family bed with us and I smoothed his hair from his forehead, too. “Did you have fun this morning with Nick?” He nodded and I smiled as he curled up beside us and waited for his “lovings” too.

We all hugged and said our prayers, even Nick who has been taking every opportunity he can to refuse to pray. (Anything to kill me! First he hates all art, then he tastes coffee and recoils in disgust, and finally he refuses to pray! Who is this kid that hates all my favorite things? Surely he can’t be mine. Oh, but with that attitude, there’s no denying that he is!)  Jenson prayed, “Dear Jesus, please help us to go to sleep.” (My thoughts immediately, “Yes, Lord!”) Nicholas prayed, “God, thank you  for Roscoe’s surgery.” Ha.

Pretty soon it became evident that Nicholas and Jenson were not going to be able to nap in the same bed, but I really enjoyed listening to them whisper to one another as if me being on the other side of the queen bed was keeping me from hearing anything. One of them would whisper something and then the other would shake with quiet laughter. Or both of them would make that stifled laughter noise as if they were about to burst at any moment. “Boys,” I’d say and the room would quieten. A few minutes later, the noise would resume and I’d have to intervene one more time. That felt like a real sleepover, when the parents have to keep scolding the kids to be quiet and sleep, and the kids keep chattering away.

Eventually I moved Jenson back to Nick’s bed, kissing him on the cheek and tucking him in as snugly as a bug in a rug. The boys weren’t happy about the seperation but I had already threatened to take away toys, to call Miss Jen, and also I seperated them by trying to sleep in the middle (which I thought was genius until I began to feel seasick from the motion of each of them on their respective sides of the bed would pop up to look at one another and giggle with glee). So finally we enjoyed lots of rest and now we’re running around the house trying to reach full force again. Coughs and sneezes or runny noses can’t stop us from loving one another and enjoying each other’s company, though.

All in all, it was a successful sleepover. The ice cream sundaes and the popcorn or the trip to the “bouncy place” helped, I’m sure. But the best part was time with our best friend Jenson. Nicholas and Jenson have a relationship that baffles the brain, or at least that baffles mine. I’ve met so many wonderful women and children since becoming a mother, and Nicholas has become solid friends with some of these children, like Cash and Hayden or Layla or Coen. But from the moment he and Jenson met, they fell in love with one another in a way that only best friends can. Neither Jen or I forced it, neither of us made them play together or arranged playdates for the sake of socializing. They just clicked.

(Omigosh, they’re wearing diapers. How cute!)

Nicholas is not going to understand when Jenson moves. He’s not going to get that Maryland or Pennsylvania or anywhere in that general area isn’t 10 minutes away like Jenson’s current house. However, there is still time to cherish the special bond he and Jenson have. There is even time to make even more special memories, to spend more time together, and to have more sleepovers! They will always have the memories- or at least the pictures- of their time together. Likewise, Jen and I will always remember how much love we witnessed being shared between our children.

Most of all, when we think of one another as our children grow and say, “Hey remember that time that we had sundaes at Nick’s and poured all the chocolate out?” or “Remember when we used to play the ‘Do we eat Toilet Paper?’ game?”, we’ll laugh and talk to our kids about their very first best friend. And how great is that? It’s very special to me; I mean, I don’t remember my best friend and I certainly don’t have digital images to remind me!



  1. I’m depressed now. 😦

    Not because of anything you wrote- but because of those pictures when they were so little! Kendan wears that shirt now! And they are like the same age as him. whoa. This “children growing up” thing is for the birds. LOL

    Thanks again for taking him. And I think in their minds..It WAS the best night ever. And even the next sleepovers will all be “THE BEST NIGHT EVER.”

    I’m sure things will work out for the future if we try..and lots of roadtrips will be taken to rekindle that special bond. Even if Nick grows out of letting Jenson kiss all over his neck and ears.

  2. I hope you guys are feeling better soon!

  3. really cute pictures!!!!

  4. they really grow up fast!!!!!!

  5. cute pics! My sis Jen lived in PA for a while when my nephew was born and they met a couple w/ a baby my nephew’s age, they lived close for about 2 or 3 years, then my bro in law’s job moved them to WV, they all still keep in touch and take road trips to see each other, the boys are now almost 8, and they are still very close! It’s neat how kids can live far apart, but keep in contact and remain as close as they were when they lived down the street from each other.

  6. Angel,

    This is one of the sweetest things I ever read. Those boys will always have each other, one way or another. Trips back and forth every other year or so will surely keep them remembering why they love each other so much. And talks on the phone will be a must. I know it will be a transition period for both boys once Jenson moves, but that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

    Thank you for sharing the adorable pictures. Yes it too, reminds me of how fast they grow. Life goes by quicker than a blink. Love those precious boys.

    Hope you are all over your sicknesses.

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