Posted by: angelnorman | April 1, 2009

craftiness revisited

My whole little family has been sick this week, minus the doggies of course. We’re sniffly, sneezy, headachey, and just generally fatigued. Last night, Nick added coughing and sore throat to his list of symptoms, so I think the worst is yet to come for him, the poor guy. As for the grown-up Normans, Michael seems less sluggish today, and I feel like I’m finally starting to get better too. Now to return emails and calls from the last week that I’ve missed simply because I has spent most of my time since Friday night in my bed, praying that my head won’t explode.

You think I’m exaggerating I’m sure, but on Monday night, I had the worst sinus headache I have ever had in my entire life. This sinus infection is mainly situated on my left side, and it is seriously starting to annoy me that my right nasal passage is so clear when the other one is stuffed and runny. Sorry for the graphic detail. Anywho, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep so I opted to play WoW of course, and BAM! Major headache ensues. It was like someone was stabbing me in the eye with a dull instrument, maybe their finger or something, from my brain. I thought for a second I was about to die. (This is common behavior, overlook it.) I woke Michael to tell him that if I die, take care of my kid and don’t let him eat Pop-Tarts for breakfast and then give him more for a snack later too every single day. “Okay,” he mumbled sleepily at me. I was really surprised when I woke up the next morning and I was still alive, headache free.

Apparently I also told him I was sure I had eye cancer… these are the things I say when I am sick and/or exhausted.

So day after day since Saturday, I’ve been stuck in the house, wiping noses and collecting piles of kleenex to throw in the trash. I’ve been distributing medicine, checking for fevers, encouraging rest time, and joining Nicholas for some whining.  By this morning, I was bored with all that. So I started crafting with Nick. I grounded him from the TV- he refused to clean his room on his own and my threat to throw all of his toys in the trash was in vain as he came to me and said very specifically, “You can just throw my Wubbzy away because I don’t want to clean.”- and instead, we painted and made Easter decor.

Aren’t they cute? They have stick-on flowers for hair, googly eyes, foam beaks, and button feet. All of these things were found with  a quick raid through my craft bins. We’re all about using what we have to craft; fitting for today since Earth day is after Easter and I can sort of kill two birds with one stone by encouraging that. Well, that’s really a bad metaphor for Earth day- killing birds is not really Earth-friendly (but using stones as a weapon is! It’s called using renewable resources. A good stone never goes bad!), but you catch my drift.

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year but the older I get, the more in love with Spring I am. Spring colors really inspire me lately– not the pastel ones but the more vivid ones. Green, white, yellow, purple, pink, and blue. It’s all so lovely and happy, and it makes me want to rethink the way I decorate my house, but then what else is new? Ha. You know what? I wish I could afford to have 4 houses, all decorated differently for their particular seasons. Spring with its robin’s egg blue and sunshine yellow, Summer with its citrus greens and oranges, Fall with its warm reds and golds, and then Winter with its reds, greens, and whites. And silver and gold. Can’t have winter without them.



  1. Great blog. The story about your comments during your headache just made me laugh, though I’m sorry you’re sick! The baby chicks are really neat. I might have to try something similar.

  2. Those are very cute. Hope you guys get to feeling 100% soon.

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