Posted by: angelnorman | April 4, 2009



I have a niece named Alyssa. She is a bright and joyful ray of sunshine, with bouncy long hair and a smile that warms my heart. Her laugh is quite possibly the only one that affects me as much as my own kid’s laughter; I could sit and listen to it forever and be perfectly content. She is a loving, protective cousin to Nick, and a very sweet niece to Michael and I. On April 2nd, she turned 6. We’re so proud of her, just so you know.

Today we celebrated Alyssa at a bowling alley…

and had some cake…

and watched her open gifts.

She really liked our gift. Either that, or she was trying to eat it.

Just kidding. She liked it lots. The party was really fun, and we were so glad to be a part of it. We’re also super glad to be a part of her life. She brings so much sunshine to ours.

You know what else was awesome?

Getting to love on this chunk*:

*I’m referring to the little one, though loving on the big one is pretty awesome too.


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