Posted by: angelnorman | April 9, 2009

more from april 9th.

It’s settled. For my 30th birthday, I want to have a color fight!

Holi is a Hindu celebration that is also known as The Festival of Colors. It is often viewed as the beginning to Spring, much like the western world’s Easter (because despite what the calendar says, it isn’t spring for many until after Easter, hence why you cannot wear white until then– j/k), and of the triumph of good over evil, much like Christianity’s Easter (at least at the core of it). Because I’d never heard of it until today, when I was reading Design Mom and catching up on her always inspirational blog posts, I was fascinated to see these pictures and I couldn’t stop my mind from imagining how awesome it must be to witness this, to be a part of this great celebration where everyone is smiling, laughing, and covered in colored powder.  

That sounds like a fun way to celebrate pretty much anything. So somebody figure out where we can buy a bunch of holi colored powder, and someone else find me a big ol’ field in which we can have my 30th birthday this November. Can you see me and all my closest loved ones, even their children, running amok in an open field and having a blast? I can! And to be honest, it sounds like a perfect day.


Today, Nicholas brought home his review for this school year, and the outcome is overall very good. His teachers noted that he was a pleasure to have in class, that he listened well at circle time, that he always comes in with a happy attitude, and that he always obeys. The pages of his numbers and colors indicated that he had identified most things correctly, but the alphabet page showed that he needs some serious work on his ABCs. Apparently, he identified uppercase E as N, M as Q, W as M, J as L, and U as I. This from a kid who could correctly identify letters at two! So frustrating that he’s just magically forgotten these things! It makes me feel guilty, and it makes me worry (both unnecessarily, I’m sure). Is it just me and my worrisome mom ways or does it sort of make you think that perhaps he is a little dyslexic? Is it normal for kids to jumble letters? When should I be concerned? I feel lame for worrying what could possibly be too soon, but then, the other option is what? To wait till he’s in second grade and struggling to read?

The lowercase part of the page though was cute, even if just as many of those were incorrect. For the lowercase t, there is a note from his teacher that says, “He said this is a cross. :)”

Welp, I can’t fault him there. How cute is that?



  1. saw it on the amazing race this season and it looked awesome

  2. My dad is friends with the man who lost his wife and baby. It’s very sad, and very scary. I’m glad you are okay (as well as my dad’s family. They all live down there.)

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