Posted by: angelnorman | April 9, 2009

things I’ve been wanting to say that I haven’t said until now, at 3:30 in the morning on April 9th

1. Green Tea with Pomegranate is my new love. I’ve recently switched from coffee to hot tea in these late night hours I sometimes keep, mostly because coffee has been rather hit or miss with me lately. I was raised drinking the stuff, so I’m not sure why I’m suddenly turned off by something so natural to me. Nonetheless I find myself less and less in the mood for that once necessary daily cup of joe. Now when I need the soothing warmth of a beverage, I pick tea. Green tea is where it’s at, but any tea is okay by me.

2. I bought some art prints for the first time ever from an actual living, breathing artist. I feel… grown up? No. Like I’m doing something good by supporting an artist? Not really. Giddy to have something I couldn’t stop staring at to hang on my wall? Yes, that’s it exactly. I bought this and this and this.  These pieces, all which spoke to me on some weird level that I couldn’t even describe to my husband (so I didn’t tell him I spent $50– surprise!), will hang in my living room at first, though gradually I’m sure they’ll move to my bedroom. I love them. If it were natural, I’d marry them.

3. My husband and I had a falling out pretty much all day Tuesday in case my last blog was vague in any way. That night, I sent Nicholas to my mom’s and had myself a little break. He called me to apologize for getting off to a bad start with me that morning (long story involving a missing lunch box) and we forgave one another. He begged me to rest and not do any more housework, to enjoy what was left of my break and he promised that he would help me with whatever was left on my list, which was quite a bit. He came home, we put Nick to bed, Michael tucked me in by 10 pm (sometimes, I’m not a night owl at all) and all was well. While I was sleeping, he did the dishes and nothing more. Well, he might’ve loaded the washing machine because it does look like the laundry piles to fold and put away have grown a bit. Grrr. Needless to say, this morning I’m indifferent towards him again and I probably will be until he cheerfully completes some chores. Wishful thinking maybe, but that will be the surefire way to please me.

 4. I have a birthday party tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday. I have lots of people to celebrate. That’s a good thing.

5. All my SILs have added me as friends on Facebook within the last couple of days. Isn’t it kind of odd that they’ve been on Facebook and never thought to look me up until this weekend? I mean, seriously, that seems a little weird to me when they for sure know that I blog and run my own webspace. It’s really no secret that I love computer stuff. I think maybe they don’t like me as much as they pretend to. Seriously, I think this.

6. I also bought a new bedspread. Guess what? It’s a quilt. And it’s beautiful and it makes me want to paint my whole bedroom blue. I think I may, though I’m yet to decide. Naturally.

7. Next month, Michael and I have a chance to go to Orlando and stay here for 4 days. (Look! Pools! Sunshine! Spas! In-room childcare!) Though Michael’s expenses would be reimbursed to us, in order to go, we’d still have to pay out of pocket for all three of us (’cause of course we’d take Nick, just in case we could squeeze in a trip to Disney) up front to fly, eat, and stay for those days. Now since we’d be going there for a conference that Michael wants to attend, we can get a discount. We’re just not sure how much of a discount. I checked some prices on a room for the three of us and the news is grim- over $1000 to stay for that amount of time. Nevermind that we’d also need three round trip plane tickets and a pretty substantial food, drink, and entertainment budget. We don’t have any $ to throw at this right now, so what is my Dave-Ramsey-loving husband suggesting we do? He wants to charge it!!! Are you freaking kidding me? I talk about the chance that we might have to finance a car in the situation that our 19 year old, 327k+ miles on it car dies, and he throws a fit about how we should pay cash for a car. But he hears “vacation” and he’s all like, “Sign me up! Here’s my soul, Mr. Mastercard! Anything for you!” Ridiculous. Needless to say, I’m not getting my hopes up but we are scraping together as much cash as we can because what could it hurt to try? Worst case scenario? I end up with a little extra cash. Also, I’m thinking of selling a kidney so let me know if you’re in the market for one.

8. Ricky Gervais is the funniest guy to me. I just adore him. Watch this video. Best thing I’ve seen this week.  My favorite part? Gervais: “Why do you wear pajamas when you go to bed but you’re naked the rest of the time? It doesn’t make any sense! it’s crazy! It’s mad!” Elmo: “Get off Elmo! You’re not supposed to touch Elmo. We’re just acting. It’s called ACTING, Mr. Gervais!” I’ve always liked when celebs go on Sesame Street.

9. I’ve been blogging for 30 minutes and haven’t really said anything. Sad.

10. Happy 21st birthday, Tiss. You’re finally able to do all the things you do anyways only from now on, it’s legal! The fact that my youngest sibling is now officially an adult by all law makes me feel a little old.


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