Posted by: angelnorman | April 20, 2009

A little bit of nothing.

This weekend, there were lots of Earth Day activities in which I could have participated. I chose, however, to do it my own way, to celebrate the Earth and practice conservation the best way I knew how. I spent an extra amount of time conserving energy right here:

I love, love, love my new bedspread. It is happy and cheerful and Mike doesn’t loathe it, which makes it a great warmer weather replacement for our previous bedding set. I got it on clearance, and though it’s lovely on its own, I wish I had a plain comforter to go with it, you know, to break up the florals a bit with a solid colored blanket. Also, I miss all the pillows from my old made up bed (you know how I love my pillows!), but I love the simplicity of the quilt (a simple style I mean; obviously, it is not a simple pattern) and I love how it makes me happy to make my bed. It’s very springy, and it makes me want to paint my bedroom robin’s egg blue. Or a soft powdery pink. Oooh. Pink would be so awesome! Mike would never go for it though.

I took so many naps this weekend. I think my bed is my favorite place in the whole wide world, next to Chattanooga, and Tybee Island, and any place where my cuddly kid is in my arms.

Thankfully, I feel all caught up on my sleep, which is good news, because I’ve been trying pretty hard to resist staying up till 3 am every night simply because it’s quiet and I enjoy all the me-time. I now go to bed before 1 am, thank you very much. I have recently had my eyes open to the fact that although I don’t feel particularly stressed in every sense of the word, I am really tense every single day, and I think it’s because I have bad habits, my lack of proper sleep included. I’ve also stopped playing WoW so much, which disappoints my husband, particularly because it was MY IDEA to go back to it at Christmas. I got extremely bored with it though, and then it became a bit like a chore to just log on and do my “dailies”. (Dailies are quests that you do on a daily basis to earn higher reputation with certain factions/races in WoW. See! I’m teaching you. This blog is a place of learning. You’re welcome.)

I’ve started an exercise routine to offset my bad eating habits, which will be the hardest change for me to make so I’m saving it till last. I’m walking 2 miles a day, that’s my plan. I’m doing it indoors though, with a program I found on OnDemand. Hey, it’s free, and I’m more likely to do that than get myself all cute to go to the gym– because yes sir, I absolutely try to not look haggish when I go to the gym. I live in a small town and I run into at least 3 people I know every single time I go! I can’t let people see me all hairy-legged, hair unwashed, clothes wrinkled and stained. I can so exercise like that though in the comfort of my own living room. With the blinds open and everything because I live on a quiet street and no one would bother looking in to see me, especially since haggishness is an every day look for me and most of my neighbors have seen it before when I’m checking the mail, walking the dogs, or playing with Nick in the yard.

Mike and I have a lot going on lately, so please pray for us. We could use it, and we thank you in advance!


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