Posted by: angelnorman | April 23, 2009


Yesterday was Earth Day and I did nothing to celebrate or honor this fact except put up a new wallpaper on my iPhone that showed the planet in space. Classy, right?  Though I did play at the park and enjoy nature, so maybe that counts for something. Maybe that’s all Mother Nature expects of us. Just enjoy what you have while you have it.

Also, I did clean my entire house this week with environmentally-friendly and all natural products. I talked to Nick about conservation. We caught moths and crane flies everytime one would get inside using our bug catcher and we’d re-release them into the wild, talking about how important they are, but not in our homes. I guess I did more than most. I really wanted to plant a tree though, just one of them alongside my driveway. Mike tried to make a deal with me. “We can plant a tree there if you let me cut down one of the dead trees in our backyard.”

First- there are no dead trees in our backyard. They’re all fine. Second- I think he is missing the point altogether, wouldn’t you agree? I’m not surprised by this behavior. This is, after all, the same man who think global warming is a bunch of crap. (I think he’s got valid points, but I see no harm in trying to combat global warming anyhow…) This is also the same man who wants to buy weed killer to get rid of all the dandelions and other “ugly” things that keep our lawn from being lush and green yet lets Roscoe and Alex out every day to do their business on the front lawn! This is the same man who sighs when people start talking about being green in any way, shape, or form (I agree with him that it’s becoming a bit too mainstream. Still can’t believe that Clorox makes green cleaning products as if they suddenly have a conscience about it, yet they’re not closing down their non-green and earth-unfriendly lines. Why’s that? Because another form of green is driving them- green, after all, is the color of money. They know that there will be people who buy it because it says “natural” or “environmentally friendly”. And I’m not blaming the masses. I am one of those people who bought it because it was green. I picked up some of the dishwashing liquid the other day because I was at Wal-Mart and remembered I was out of my Mrs. Meyers and I couldn’t imagine waiting for a week while it was shipped. My point is that it’s more about money than anything else if you ask me. Few big businesses actually care about the Earth, that’s just common sense. But I digress.)

So yeah, this is that guy that I’m asking to let me plant a tree. Can’t say I’m shocked by his reaction.

Our front yard is so bare. It needs some loving for real. I sort of hope this Orlando thing falls through so I can have some money to do some things to the house, ha.


Other news? Mike graudates in two weeks!


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