Posted by: angelnorman | April 24, 2009

take it from me

Lawnmowers– Wait. Is that one word or two? I don’t feel like looking this up so I’m going with one word. Though that does look bad, doesn’t it? The n and the m together doesn’t seem right. Hm. Okay, we’ll try two words. Lawn mowers- yes, much better- can catch your yard on fire. I’ll repeat this just in case the one word/two word debacle has distracted you from missing the point. A riding lawn mower can catch your yard on fire. With you on it and everything. While you’re holding your kid too. Flames can be inches from your toes and your baggy pajama pants hems. You will have to jump off quickly, without even shutting the mower off. I now know this from personal experience. Lawn mowers are dangerous pieces of machinery that should not be taken lightly.

Other things I learned today…

If you smell something burning, just run. I don’t care where you are and what you’re doing, just move your butt as quickly as you can.

If your grass is so high that your riding lawn mower is having a hard time moving through the mess, then you should really either stop being so lazy and mow your yard more often or hire someone who can do it for you. (This is our tree-covered backyard, so don’t judge us. My front yard was not high at all, though I did mow it again for the sake of it looking “even”.)

When your husband rakes all the leaves into a large strip and asks you to run over them, don’t do it unless you put the blade on the highest possible setting. Even then, you’re pushing it. You really need to smack him if he puts all the dead, dry leaves into a large pile instead of several smaller ones. Why? Because when you run over a bunch of leaves at once, they just all collect underneath the motor of you lawn mower and then the heat catches them on fire. I know this because that fire almost eated me!

On that note… When you almost catch on fire, you feel like you are about to have a heart attack. Or maybe that’s just me. It really freaked me out. I didn’t even shut anything off, I just jumped. It plays over in my head in slow motion.

Neighbors are good to have. There was no one on either side of us who was outside when I caught the lawn  mower on fire, except for my little family. When I saw the flames and started yelling, the neighbor behind us was there offering his fire extinguisher. We didn’t need it, as we had already contained the fire and saved our lawn mower from being blown up, but I was glad that he was there for us anyways. (Of course this also means that he probably saw me run across the leaves, which is kind of embarrassing really. Or maybe he just heard my screams and saw the flames.)

My husband has super human strength in the face of danger. This earns him 5,000 extra points.



  1. i love this story. Is that ok? Its just got everything….suspense, drama, love, romance… glad you lived to tell it!

  2. Wanna borrow our riding mower now? LOL

    Gees I leave for 1 weekend..and so much has happened!! A freak mower accident, zombie’s in people’s yards..and Nick wearing Pirate gear outside? ugh.

  3. ok, I know I shouldn’t have, but I laughed, not at you, but with you, cause I can see this happening to me!!!!! Crazy! never knew that could happen, see you have saved people by telling your story, now everyone knows what not to do & wear when mowing the grass! ha ha!

  4. Haha, I love it 🙂 Yes, yes, I am educating the masses with my tales of woe! Beware, children! Beware indeed. Or you’ll end up… like ME! (insert a blood-curdling scream here). BTW, my mower is fine. 😉 It lives another day!

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